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(Please note that official Azanian (New SA) crime statistics and -releases are censored. Johannesburg police spokeswoman Inspector Amanda Roestoff admitted, on 20/5/03, that the SAPS 'uses discretion in terms of crimes committed and media statements issued'. So the terror and crime reported here is probably only part of what is really happening, as the official manipulation makes it difficult for an independent news service to ferret out all the facts.).

A young white mother from Hartbeespoortdam has reportedly been injected with drugs and morphium, raped and robbed by a gang of robbers. The woman stayed with her baby in a flat by her sister’s house. At 04:30 in the morning, the robbers broke open the burglar bars, stole her laptop, camera and cell-phone, and raped her. She only woke up an hour later, naked on her bed. According to her sister, she had been injected in her thigh with morphium, cocaine and other drugs.

Senior Superintendent Kebaakae Metsi, spokesman for provincial police, said the police is busy with forensic tests. She reportedly confirmed the victim had been raped and that she is being treated by a doctor. A case of house-breaking and theft has been opened.

White policemen are increasingly targeted by what they claim to be racist black policemen. A newly wed white police couple from Krugersdorp were arrested by black ‘colleagues’ and held in the police cells for a few hours after being accused of interfering with a police crime scene. Supt. Heila Joubert (36), who works at the Kagiso polisie office, said her sister Chantelle van den Heever called her to come and help after she struck and injured a pedestrian at a crossing in Paardekraal drive. . She and her husband, Insp. Braam Joubert of the Krugersdorp police found a black police reservist on the scene, who was later joined by more blacks. An altercation ensued between black and white policemen when the latter insisted that sketch plans and measurements be made properly. “F*** off from my scene! I’m in charge!” a black reservist shouted and assaulted Joubert. The black policemen simply refused to open a docket on the assault charge Joubert demanded, or to take statements from witnesses. A senior superintendent arrived and freed Joubert, - whereafter a black reservist again put him the police vehicle. Both he and his wife were forcibly taken to the Krugersdorp police station and locked up. They were kept behind bars until released by the member in charge.

A white Pretoria IT specialist was shot dead by black killers in his lounge chair while watching television late at night at his Magalies Moot smallholding, west of Pretoria. The gang fled with nothing except his wife Amanda's cellphone. Ibele Kruger, 56, had earlier in the evening surprised his family with tickets to the Blue Bulls-Free State Cheetahs Currie Cup final at Loftus. His wife had just gone to bed when the gunmen invaded their Pine Street home shortly before midnight. She described how she jumped out of bed when the gunshots rang out, and escaped through the bedroom sliding door which leads into the garden. A member of the gang came around the corner and attacked her, too. Pushing a gun into her face, the black robber grabbed Amanda's cellphone from her as she frantically tried to call police and neighbours for help. The gunmen then strolled off with Amanda's cellphone, leaving her traumatised and kneeling over her husband's body, which was sprawled in the garden where he had collapsed. "There was a bullet hole through his hand and in his face and one in his chest. The police said they think he was shot in the face when he put his hand in the way of the gun," Amanda said. As usual, the killers got away.

Another white woman has been shot and robbed by black killers and left for dead. Saartjie Koen had drawn 50 000 Rand from a bank in Silverton, Pretoria, and returned to her business, where she pulled into a parking bay. Unbeknown to her, she had been followed, and as soon as she got out, two blacks grabbed her around the neck, put a pistol to her head and pulled the trigger. When she fell, her assailants grabbed her handbag and ran off, one of them pausing to kick her in the head, as can be seen on closed-circuit television.

Miraculously, Koen, 60, survived, the bullet only grazing her skull and missing the brain. Two months later, while Koen is still recovering, no one has been arrested for this latest atrocity. Her husband Hannes has hired a private investigator, Daryl Els, of Christian Botha Investigations, who believes the gang operates from the black township of Tembisa and specialises in what police refer to as ‘associated robberies’.
This involves robbing victims after they leave a bank having withdrawn a large amount of cash. Banks having been ‘transformed’, ie forced to employ blacks on the basis of their skin colour, these gangs get inside information about likely victims who withdraw large amounts of money.

About ten armed blacks took out a popular butchery just outside Bronkhorstpruit, east of Pretoria. The gang hit the butchery on the R25 road in broad daylight. Butchery manager Pieter Woest, 55, was shot dead when he tried to stop them. Woest and his wife had been working in the butchery when a worker came to tell him someone was burgling the building next door. He grabbed his revolver, ran out and fired at the robbers, allegedly hitting one robber twice before another armed black, who was hiding behind a pillar, shot him in the back. He died on the scene.

Police spokesperson captain Sipho Zulu said the robbers had struck at the butchery at about 12:30 in a cream-coloured Toyota Quantum minibus. Owner of the butchery, Suzette Olivier, was working behind the counter when the robbers rushed in. "I was busy serving a customer when a man in a black jacket walked in and threw our security guard on the floor," said Human. The robber then fired a single shot on the ground next to the security guard and then left him there…. While most businesses dealing with lots of cash do have security firms on stand-by and armed black guards on the premises, these seldom interfere, and normally either run away or just freeze. During this latest robbery, the gang took all the cash from the till and made a clean get-away without the guards doing anything.

Two black men assaulted and beat up an elderly white couple in the northern Transvaal when they returned to their farm after church. Izak and Marrianne Jansen van Vuuren were confronted by two blacks ‘looking for work’ on Sunday morning as they tried to open the gate to their farm, in Marken, near Ellisras. "My mother struggled to open the gate, so my father climbed out of his bakkie to help her. While doing this they were hailed by two men who had their hands behind their backs. The men said they were looking for work. My father told them to leave. But the two men kept approaching and the next moment one of the men hit him in the face. …They were armed with a hammer, a baton and axe and beat him mercilessly.” After a failed attempt by the wife to drive off, she was forced to sit between the two robbers while they drove off, with her husband tied onto the back. The driver then lost control of the vehicle, crashed through bushes and a fence and stalled the vehicle. Izak van Vuuren then managed to run away to a neighbouring farm and get help. He was then taken to hospital. The injuries to his face were so extensive he would need plastic surgery. His attackers were caught by the local farm watch, which used planes to trace them.

Two black men were shot dead and two women, sisters, were raped by four black killers in an armed robbery in Ga-Mashashane village near Seshego in the northern Transvaal. Police said the four men armed with pistols shot a 61-year-old man once in the chest while he was closing his garage at 8.30pm on Thursday. He died instantly.
The assailants then entered the house and shot another man in the head, killing him. They then took turns raping the man's two sisters, aged 19 and 26. "The robbers ransacked the house and stole seven cellphones, a music system and an undisclosed amount of money," police said.

Another white couple has been murdered by black gunmen. Leon Steyn and his wife Hetta Steyn were shot at close range with an R5 rifle in their home next to their guest house in Sabie, near Nelspruit. A neighbour said he heard three gunshots from the house and saw two black men fleeing. One of them had a rifle. He called the police, who recovered one round of live ammunition and four spent cartridges inside the house. Tourism officials have warned that the continuing black terror and crime, which often targets ‘soft targets’ like guest houses and tourists, will frighten off many soccer fans who would like to attend next year’s world cup.

A black teenager from Khayelitsha has fatally stabbed another black youth.
The body of the 15-year-old was found in an open field in Ilitha Park, Khayelitsha, on Wednesday night, said police. "He sustained multiple stab wounds to his body."
A ‘community tip-off’ led police to the youthful killer - also aged 15 - living in Khayelitsha.

A Natal police officer shot and killed a black murder suspect who overpowered a colleague at the Scottburgh police station. Sixoliseni Nkonya, 26, was being interviewed by a detective investigating the murder of an elderly couple in Marine Terrace, when Nkonya asked to use the toilet. When the officer unlocked his handcuffs he turned on him and a struggle ensued. A colleague kicked open the door of the cubicle and apparently shot Nkonya, who was pointing the officer's gun at him, in the chest. Forensic evidence was used to connect Nkonya to the Marine Terrace murder of a 70-year-old man, presumably a white, who was stabbed 25 times in the body and legs. His wife, who survived, was stabbed ten times,.

Three policemen were reportedly injured and one alleged robber killed during an attempted bank robbery in Nongoma in northern KwaZulu-Natal. A group of armed black men entered the First National Bank dressed in boiler suits similar to staff at the bank. "It is alleged that these men held up staff with firearms and prevented them from raising the alarm," police said. A bank employee managed to call the police but when police arrived the robbers began shooting at them. Police returned fire, killing one man. The robbers managed to get away.

A 16-year-old black matric pupil, who killed his black teacher, has been sentenced to 10 years' imprisonment in Westville prison's juvenile section, with another 10 years suspended, by the Pietermaritzburg High Court. In July, the youth and friends approached teacher Arnold Thenjwayo, a father of four, at a tavern. They kidnapped him, bundled him in the back of his own car, stabbed him to death and took his car. In testimony during the sentencing proceedings, the court was told that the youth was, quote, a model son and pupil, unquote.

A white man from Bedfordview, Johannesburg, says he was sworn at, roughed up and jailed by three black Ekurhuleni metro police officers because he is white. His wife, he said, was sworn at and pushed against a counter by an Ekurhuleni metro police officer, who also mishandled her in full view of SAPS members at the Olifantsfontein police station. "It's about race. Why allow someone to attack a white woman in a police station and do nothing about it? The way he spoke to her makes us sure that it was racist," Donovan Whittle said.

The 40-year-old man claims that on October 17 he was stopped and asked by a metro police officer for his licence. He said he had handed it over, but when the officer just walked up and down the road with it and would not return it, he grabbed it back. Whittle claims about eight metro police officers who were on the other side of the road arrived at the scene, shouted and swore at him and pushed him around. He said two officers grabbed him - one so hard and tightly that fingernails gouged the skin on his arm. Whittle then called 10111, and the other officers left.

When he tried to take the policeman’s picture, he was told he was interfering, thrown into a police van and taken to the Olifantsfontein police station, where he was charged with assault, refusing to give particulars, resisting arrest and interfering. When his wife arrived at the police station, Whittle pointed out the officer who had hurt her arm, and she took his picture. That incensed him. "He grabbed her, demanding her phone. He then grabbed her by the arm and pushed her against the counter. "When she tried to lay a charge of assault, an officer at the charge office said 'f*** you, sit down and shut up!'." Whittle was held in the police cells for five hours before being released on bail of R500. Whittle eventually appeared in the Tembisa Magistrate's Court, but the matter was struck off the roll.

Black terror and crime has increased to such an extent that the Rail Safety Regulator has voiced support for the closure earlier this week of a section of the line in Pretoria bordering the black township of Mamelodi. "The blatant criminal behaviour of some commuters on this line related to reported incidents of train hijackings is unacceptable," said Lawrence Venkile, a spokesman for the regulator. "This conduct coupled with other acts of violence, intimidation, vandalism and malicious damage to Metrorail's assets has become a daily occurrence... (and) poses a serious threat to railway safety on a massive scale." Apart from the ‘normal’ terror and crime, whole coaches are being set alight and burnt out on a regular basis by black commuters when they are mad at something like trains being late.
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