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PosOnderwerp: WE CALL A SPADE A SPADE   Fri May 21, 2010 11:17 pm

You might have visited the museum at Balmoral. Or you might have met us, who built the museum, some other way. Anyway, it is now your priviledge (or your grief, whichever way you look at it) to receive this newsletter. Feel welcome to read it and see what you think. Perhaps you agree and maybe you might even gain something from it. [As with all e-mail, you only have to 'unsubscribe', according to the simple instructions underneath, if you do not want it]

The Big, the Bad and the Ugly. We are angry. We are bitter. And we feel
betrayed. There are, I’m sure, thousands of old South Africans, Afrikaners, whites, Boers (call them whatever you like) in this country who feel the same. With very good reason. A hundred years ago Boer children and women were nearly wiped out by white imperialists. Today our people are being slaughtered and driven off by a black regime aided and abetted by the same type of whites who grabbed our land before. Many of us are killed. Many more robbed, raped, and beaten. Some just go away overseas. Some try to be clever and tell you you should be glad and dancing in the streets since you now have got ’democracy’, you are ‘liberated’, you should adapt to the necessary teething troubles, - and anyway, you deserve what you get because for 300 years your kind flogged and enslaved and exploited and oppressed every poor, innocent black angel in sight. Well, if you believe that, we’ve got news for you : We don’t. And we don’t believe we should shut up and kiss the broad posteriors of our killers, robbers and rapists, either. We would like to tell you something. In fact, we would like to tell you quite a bit, starting with what happened to our generation, - the big, bad and ugly white South Africans. If you are interested enough to want to see where we’ll end up, carry on reading.
Background. While most of us, the foot soldiers, younger and older, better or worse, while we went to school, studied, sweated and sometimes bled in the SADF, worked, married, raised children and wholeheartedly believed in our God, our own country, our own nation, with our own government, civil service, defence force and police to lead and protect us, - while we were busy living our lives, our body politic, behind our backs, was rotting away into a stinking. all-infesting carcass. With hindsight, of course, one can recognize the steady decline in morals, morale and integrity at the top of white South Africa’s leadership after the assassination of Prime Minister HF Verwoerd in 1966 (who had him killed? Read ‘Bird on the Wing’ by Dr Allan Bird, an eminent neurologist of the sixties, ISBN No 0-620-17050-6). We now see how independent white Southern Africa was systematically sold out to its terrorists under the guise of ‘democracy’, ‘one-man-one-vote’ and ‘liberation’. Ian Smith’s Rhodesia was thrown to Mugabe’s wolves by perfidious Albion and an increasingly rotten SA government in 1979/80. Then South West Africa and ultimately the whole of South Africa, including all the black homelands, were handed over to black neo-communist rule in the early nineties. Prophetic voices like those of Mr Jaap Marais were ignored, those within the system like former President PW Botha, who tried to draw a line, were outmaneuvered. The last white government under the now thoroughly incompetent and subverted ‘National’ Party railroaded the once resilient white South Africa into a so-called democratic ‘New South Africa’, - by hook, by crook and by just about every trick in the book. In this it was ably supported by both external and internal advisers and collaborators. The majority of our people, who were beginning to show increasing opposition to the looming hand-over during the last free white elections and by-elections, never really got out of their starting-blocks before a cleverly-worded referendum question and a stage-managed multi-racial, multi-national election in 1994 (Johan Kriegler’s famous brothel) sealed their fate.
For nearly a decade now all the different races, nations and tribes of SA have been forced to live under an increasingly all-powerful ANC/Communist Regime, - nominally ‘democratic’ and ‘liberated’ from the supposedly bad and ugly apartheid past, but in reality under the heels of far more damaging and iniquitous racism, oppression, corruption and downright incompetence. ‘Holy Nelson’ Mandela having been replaced by the rather less charming former terrorist boss Thabo Mbeki as President of what is recognizable as just another de-facto one-party state, disillusionment is setting in with a vengeance, even among the many naïve former praise-singers of the multi-ethnic hotchpotch they helped create. However, most still refuse to publicly admit the basic error of their disastrous social engineering experiment, - even though it is clear that the dozen or so vastly different nations and peoples are now forcibly brought down to the lowest common denominator by a least competent and most arrogant bunch of former terrorists. Faced with the growing nightmare of daily slaughter, rape, violence, economic decline and a typical Black Africa autocracy, many white ‘opposition’ politicians, business- and industry leaders and the mass-media prefer to blame ‘safe’ causes : Poverty, Aids, inadequate training, racism, xenophobia, lack of investment, the strong Dollar, the weak Euro, the US government, Mugabe, Mbeki, understaffed police, overstaffed bureaucracy, etc. etc, - and, of course, good old bad apartheid… The white establishment, being guilty of having aided and abetted the introduction of black rule, does not want to admit that it is the very system itself which is wrong, - though thousands and thousands of their colleagues and children have conceded precisely that by moving overseas to white-ruled states.

4. Situation. At present, about four million whites are physically and economically struggling to survive in the so-called New South Africa among the 'masses' of more or less hostile and alien blacks. Since 1994, they have no state, government, judiciary, defence force, police, civil service, schools or hospitals of their own any more, - they are now a scattered and fearful minority within a blatantly antagonistic and smugly arrogant black-majority state. On a daily basis, whites are being murdered, raped, robbed and intimidated by black killers and robbers, not only on farms, but in the cities, too. The fact that blacks are being clobbered by their own ‘brethren’, too, is little consolation to white victims. The pathetically subservient media censor out the racist nature of the daily slaughter, - if they mention the killings at all, - while the few white-on-black crimes in between are splashed and trotted out ad nauseam to hide the far more gruesome and common black terror. Meanwhile, the black, communist-controlled state steadily breaks down one after the other of the so-called checks and balances touted by the last white president FW de Klerk as a guarantee of white survival. Under the guise of ‘affirmative action’, ‘land re-distribution’ and ‘black empowerment’, this state uses newly-made laws to take over the desired white property ‘legally’ and ‘within the law’, - the rather clever Azanian form of Mugabe-style land-grabs. Thereby the Regime hopes to achieve the same goal as the Zimbabwean terrorist-‘war veterans’ by less obvious and more subtle means.
What is happening in the ‘New South Africa’ is genocide, pure and simple, comparable to the genocide against the Boer people 100 years ago, when 28 000 helpless children and women were driven off their land, herded into concentration camps and left to die by (white) imperialists. Only this time it is done by black puppets and communists, though with the same foreign white interests pulling the strings and smearing in their media. It might conceivably be the Final Solution for the modern-day Boers, the white South Africans, the Afrikaners, who, like the Jews in Palestine, are hounded and surrounded by hostile hordes in the land of their fathers. No wonder quite a few Boers regard themselves as the Lost Tribe of Israel.

5. Identity. You, the reader, fed up with endless talk, might at this stage be asking : "This is all well and good, - but what can we do?" - Please be patient, we should get there eventually. Before we can decide on the WHAT, we have to know the WHO. The first crucial question is : Who are we, the whites of South Africa? Who are you, born and bred in this country, of white ancestry? Who do you think and feel you are? Are we just whites, for the sake of race, or South Africans, or Afrikaners, or Boers, or Azanians, or New South Africans, Rainbow People, or what? Those who feel they belong to the ‘New SA", who believe in the social engineering experiment of all South African nations and tribes forced together under a de facto black, Xhosa, communist Regime, who recognize the artificial Azanian (or ‘New SA’) flag as their own, who voluntarily take part in and benefit from the oppression of all national aspirations and freedoms, - they are welcome to their ‘New South Africa’. They should call themselves Azanians. They deserve what they get. At this stage, at the latest, we should wave them good-bye and wish them luck, - they’ll need it.
Those of us, however, who instinctively reject the present dispensation as alien, forced and unnatural, who long for safety and development amongst people sharing the same values, traditions and Christian faith, and who do not contemplate going overseas, - we should realize that we need, first of all, to identify ourselves to be able to work for and reach the security and decent future we want, among people more compatible to our own than the hordes masquerading as ‘South Africans’ and swamping our land. We need this for our and for our children’s sake. There is only one place where we can achieve this, and that is within our own community, group, volk and nation. And of these, our own nation, free, independent and with its own authority and structures to caress and protect us, is the only secular guarantor and protector powerful enough to do the job.
Anything less is an illusion. Now what is the identity of this our nation? We HAD one, remember, the so-called Old South Africa, which generally served us well, with all its faults and problems, - until it was turned upside down and sold out to the evil Azanian Empire of 1994. This Dark Africa monster usurped our old name, South Africa, so people would not recognize its alien nature. By rights, it should officially be called Azania, as its more honest representatives in the PAC and Azapo, to their credit, do. But the ruling regime is hanging on to the ‘Republic of SA’ nametag, and this leaves us with the necessity to identify OUR nation in such a way, that our own people, and the world outside, can recognize us for what we are and want to be, unmistakably and undeniably, but also proudly and righteously.
To lay out here the lengthy appreciation of finding the best and most appropriate identity and name among those in use, all the arguments, the pros and cons of all the alternatives, would take up too much time and space. Enough to say that, given our peculiar circumstances and our peculiar day and age, the term ‘Boer’ represents one identity which conceptualises and describes us as a people entitled to be a free nation, without risking the sort of dirty label or wearying refutation which could kill off the very idea before we even had a chance to implement it. ‘Boer’ is historically well-founded, legally established, ethnically correct, compatible to most, if not all, South African whites, and held in high esteem mainly through the fortitude and righteousness of our forefathers, whose genuine freedom struggle happens to be commemorated in its centenary until May next year. In certain quarters a ‘Boer’ was made synonymous with a somewhat backward poor white divorced from his richer, better educated cousins. Facing the bloody disaster together, is it really too much to ask to try and overcome some of our emotional and historical knee-jerk antipathies? What are the alternatives? The term ‘Boer’ would, actually, also be more of an advantage today, given the world’s sympathy for the underdog and the poor, - in theory at least. Furthermore, such an image undercuts our enemies’ anticipated loony left propaganda just waiting to portray us as the bad, racist, wealthy whites out to deprive and oppress the ‘poor blacks’. The fact that there never really was a proper final peace treaty with the Boer Republics after the Second Anglo-Boer War, and that thus their sovereignty and independence is just waiting to be picked up and carried forward to be argued according to International Law right up the International Court, is a bonus not to be sneezed at.

6. The Boer. This letter is called The Boer and aims to inform and to serve as a link between those of us whites, Afrikaners, Boers, who are committed to and willing to work for our own, free nation here in South Africa. The Boer wants to help find a way to where we can live safely and without fear according to our own values, traditions and Christian faith, to build a future for our children. We do not in any way want to encroach on the rights of any other peoples and nations in South Africa. We underwrite the Freedom Manifesto spelt out underneath and wish to emphasize that what we want is nothing more than what people and nations all over the world accept as their God-given right, - a right so deviously taken away from us by the ruling clique of traitors in 1994.
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