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 Van ons vriende die "Frontline Fellowship"

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PosOnderwerp: Van ons vriende die "Frontline Fellowship"   Wed May 19, 2010 11:04 am

"A righteous man who falters before the wicked is like a murky spring and a polluted well."
Proverbs 25:26

Second Revolution
There has been a lot of speculation in the South African media about the possibility of a future revolution taking place in our country.
A few recorded incidents suggest that this may merit consideration:
Letlapa Mphahlele, the former Azanian People’s Liberation Army (Apla) Commander who gave the command for the St James Church Massacre of 25 July 1993, among others, said on 1 September 2005, at the public launch of his anthology of poems, at the University of Cape Town, that there will be another revolution in South Africa.
An African National Congress (ANC) city councillor, Mzukizi Gala, when arrested for drunken driving, among other things, allegedly threatened arresting officers with the remark: "When Mandela dies we will kill you whites like flies." Reported by IOL 8 November 1997
On 8 January 2009 News24 published an article ‘White dogs will be killed’. Farmer, Gert van Vuuren (68), was called a "white dog" by police officers and further told, "all white dogs in South Africa will be killed".
A Cape Argus article published on 25 February 2010 was entitled "PAC won’t ban calls to ‘kill whites’". Facebook messages "…said that an army of about 3000 people was standing by, ready to kill white people within 24 hours if requested to do so..."
Several of my friends have confirmed that former terrorist organisations that have supposedly been disbanded are having meetings in townships around South Africa in preparation for the onslaught. According to one friend, these attacks are discussed in taxis as people travel to work in the mornings.
Some comments posted on Facebook pages may also be of interest:
"No matter what the traitors say, we are marching forward to a free Azania, betrayal democracy is over. The revolution can not be stoped now. Apla stick to its mission. ARM THE PEOPLE LIBERATE AZANIA."18 March 2010
"Themba you may not look like a sun but a true african warrior, and warriors is wat we need, the time is long overdue for our revenge." 9 March 2010
"the oppressed are rising against the oppressor, we will fight till the bitter end if the land Question is not addressed by end of 2010. we are now in the country and fully trained and ready for an order. we shall never surrender." 8 March 2010
"We as apla forces we will continue singing our revolutionery songs for us it is not yet uhuru*." 3 April 2010
"Apla political commissars training programme has started in Gauteng. Any member of the Pac is welcome to join. It runs for three months effectively. Lets get involved. Makube njalo (Let it be so)" 3 April 2010
Racial War
There have been statements by South African politicians that there will never be another racial war in our country.
Letlapa Mphahlele
has said the same. This revolution, or war, is not going to be race-based, like the first revolution. This second revolution will be a true communist revolution i.e. the poor overthrowing the rich.
"But all whites in South Africa are perceived to be rich." I said to a former Apla leader. He agreed.
I have friends who were terrorists; I have ministered amongst those who belonged to the ‘non-statutory’ forces during the apartheid era. They have complained bitterly about the fact that they put their lives on the line and others "shed their blood to put those people into Parliament. And they do not share their freedom** with us."
Time frames
When is this revolution supposed to take place? There have been speculations about this - some have suggested that the unrest might start after the FIFA Soccer World Cup, while others predict after the death of Nelson Mandela.
Violence has already started in various centres around South Africa with strikes and social unrest due to non-service delivery by Government at various levels. You could also argue that with 20 000 murders in South Africa every year, the revolution has already started.
Arms caches
Remember that arms caches were never handed over to the authorities by the former terrorist organisations in South Africa. Maritz Spaarwater, former chief director of operations, National Intelligence Service, and the National Intelligence Agency, in a letter published in the Sunday Times 9 August 2009 said: "In the early stages of the negotiations, I was a member of a joint ANC and government working group charged with arranging practicalities of the suspension of the armed struggle and related matters, such as the return of the exiles, their concentration in demobilisation centres and the identification and lifting of arms caches.
"Nothing came of these seemingly simple objectives except procrastinating filibustering by the ANC and MK. No arms caches emerged, no demobilisation centres were established and MK cadres were not formally demobilised."
Occasionally you will hear a news report on an arms cache being found or reported to the police. You might also remember that in 1998, the notorious, then South African foreign affairs official, Robert McBride, was arrested in Mozambique for trying to purchase AK47s.
Why would he need to bring AK47s into South Africa?
When I spoke to a former Apla Unit Commander and told him that a revolution could not take place in South Africa as long as there was an armed population, he agreed with me. It might come as no surprise that the former chairman of the South Africa Communist Party, Charles
Nqakula, was also the Minister of Safety and Security under whom the Firearms Control Act was promulgated. The SA government has embarked on a serious disarmament programme.
The new Police Minister, Nathi Mthethwa, while speaking at Isiphingo, near Durban, said police wanted to ensure that firearms "rested only with law enforcement agencies at the end of the day".
In the 20th Century governments in Turkey, the Soviet Union, Nazi Germany, China, Uganda, Cambodia and Rwanda murdered over 114 million people, after they were disarmed and firearms "rested only with law enforcement agencies."
An ANC leader verbally attacked the breakaway party, COPE, accusing its members of "behaving like cockroaches and (needing to be) destroyed." The same word (cockroaches) was used in Rwanda by the Hutu government supporters to describe the mainly Christian Tutsis and lead to the massacre of almost a million Tutsis in the Rwandan Holocaust in 1994.
I’m told that there is a lot of anti-white propaganda on national television. This comes as no surprise in Africa where the vilifying of one tribe or race by another is business as usual. In Rwanda such behaviour had dire consequences.
You might think this concern outrageous or just plain nonsense. I hope you are correct; but we need to remember that many in the course of history ignored the ‘signs of the times’ and paid the price.
It might be wise to remember the advice given by Oliver Cromwell to his troops: 'put your trust in God; but mind to keep your (gun) powder dry'.
Charl van Wyk
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Van ons vriende die "Frontline Fellowship"
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