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PosOnderwerp: UHURU IS ON IT'S WAY   Mon May 17, 2010 10:11 am


South Africa faces an organised Rwanda-style massacre

Silent Plans of a South African Genocide

Uhuru campaign planned against South Africa’s Afrikaners

warns leader Dr Dan Roodt

Dan Roodt of the Pro-Afrikaans Action groups writes that the murder of AWB-leader Terre’Blanche – in the runup to the World Cup 2010 – coincides with the widespread disarming of Afrikaner citizens; the ANC youth leader’s genocidal hate-speech against Boers and whites and his calls for the ‘indigenosation of farms’ – i.e. the removal of all whites -- during a visit to Zimbabwe where he was received as an honoured guest of Mugabe’s Zanu-PF.

Roodt points out that this coincides with the fact that a secret airport was built in the Marange diamond fields for the sole purpose of flying in weapons from China. “Mugabe’s airforce now has a specialised airfield just for this purpose.’

He said the murder on Terre’Blanche was symbolic in nature – and needed to increase racial polarisation so that South Africa’s ‘Uhuru’ can start. He warned that the Afrikaner’s Third Freedom War was about to start, probably right after the World Cup 2010 and all the tourists had gone home.
He also warned that the British, Europe’s and the USA support of the ANC-regime had ‘thrown open the door for a Chinese takeover of South Africa’s mineral assets’.

His article follows...

As anyone who took history at school learnt, the assassination of Archbiship Franz Ferdinand of Sarajevo on 28 June 1914 led directly to the First World War. The Murder of AWB leader is at a particularly sensitive moment in South Africa’s history, on the eve of the Soccer World Cup and must be seen in a very serious light.
The following elements of importance are:

Julius Malema has been speaking of indiginization, i.e. the expulsion of white farmers from their farms, as done in Zimbabwe
Malema’s current visit to Zimbabwe where he is being supported by ZANU-PF for anti-white and anti-Afrikaner action in South Africa
A secret airport which according to reports in British newspapers — probably based on observations by British intelligence — is being built in the diamond area of Marange, whose sole purpose would be to receive weapons from China. Unlike some time ago when a ship loaded with Chinese weapons was refused entry to South African ports, Mugabe’s army now possesses a specialized airport purely for this purpose.
Statements that ’struggle songs’ which refer to the genocide of farmers and which incite violence against whites, should be considered as the ANC’s ‘cultural heritage’
The murder of Eugene Terre’Blanche. Apparently the two blacks had only been working for him for three weeks before they decided to viciously murder him, about an alleged wage dispute; which indicates a possible assassination motive. During the deweaponising process of the past few years, the ANC ensured that white weapon owners were intimidated to hand in their weapons. Large numbers of people are now defenceless against the next phase of the "national democratic revolution".

The murders of three AWB men which occurred in Bophutswana in 1994 by a local black policeman was a key moment in the psychological war that was then fed to the Afrikaner, to demonstrate the Afrikaners alleged powerlessness before the emerging black power. The unwillingness of the former generals and South African army to suppress the first phase of the revolution by force was the reason that a few lost AWB’s were the only one’s to provide any resistance to the “liberation movement” total takover of the country and its resources.

But let us not get stuck on the endless strategic mistakes of the past and rather focus on what we should do.

The Afrikaner must realize that he is facing the biggest challenge since 1899 when the British attacked resulting in the Anglo-Boer War. In a real sence it is about the Third War, which for all practical purposes has already begun, because the ‘crime attacks’ we are seeing is recognized everywhere else in Africa as a form of warfare
The African does not like a strong opponent and prefers to attack weak and soft targets — women, children, the aged who sleep and can be caught off guard. That Eugene Terre’Blanche was found on his bed, leads many to conclude that he was sleeping during the attack.

We arrive on the even of a very uncertain period during which the current violence will continue and at any time may drastically escalate to full-scale civil war, race war, genocide or any of the versions of the collection of conflicts which have raged in Africa south of the Sahara since 1950. We are, except for handguns and hunting rifles, largely unarmed. The ANC controls the automatic weapons, and the panser school in Bloemfontein from which the whole country can be attacked.

Together with its Zimbawean ally who can provide him with additional weapons and ammunition, including logistics, the table is layed for the ANC to finally exterminate the Afrikaner farmer from his land, and to wage a reign of terror in the cities, because once the countries farms are occupied, why stop there, if you can also occupy the city homes?

Abroad, we certainly cannot expect any help, although it looks as if Britain is busy — much too late — realizing the grotesqueness of their mistake in supporting the radical revolutions in Zimbabwe and South Africa. Not only did Britain open the door to China, to take over in Africa, but he created enemies in the form of both ZANU-PF and the ANC. Although Britain, as well as the United States under Obama, will sit with folded hands while we are being exterminated, they are likely to see for the first time in years in the AFrikaner a possible counter force in Southern Africa, which can resist the revolutionary anarchy of Zimbabwe.

The ordinary Afrikaner will have to be alerted to the existential crisis we are in, of the thunderclouds massing together from the airport in Marange to our homes, farms.
When the last foreign tourist from the SoccerWorld Cup climbs on the plane, uhuru will most likely start. We don’t have much time.

What must be especially avoided, is uncoordinated actions by emotional overcharged individuals. We do not want to see another incident like that which occurred to the AWB in Bophutatswana. We will have to legally organize ourselves into a civilian defense force, with legal weapons and ammunition that we currently have.

During the second world war a small country of Finland stood standing against the mighty Russian Red Army, merely through the effective use of sharpshooters and hunters. Umkhonto we Sizwe and ZANU-PF may currently be better armed than we are, thanks to their takeover of the Defence Force and the incoming Chinese weapons, but we can fight a defensive war on our own land, our own farms and our own suburban streets.

I have full confidence in the Afrikaner’s organizational abilities and eventually all wars are fought and won, on grounds of their organization abilities.

As the old military maxim states: The uninitiated talk strategy while the experienced discuss logistics.

The moment we withdraw from the state and especially the municipalities, the state will spontaneously collapse.

Only a strong state can have a strong army. It does not matter how many Chinese weapons come in via Zimbabwe; once the war begins in all earnest, we shall gain the upper hand.

We have nothing to fear more than the current violence, to which we are already exposed. Let the ANC and its ZANU-PF ally precipitate their war. We are not yet ready for them, but I’m sure within a few weeks or months we could organize ourselves to such an extent that any Western occupying army would find us easy pickings; what to say the emotionally charged, but highly unorganized hordes of the liberation movements.

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