LOCAL Organising Committee chief executive officer Danny Jordaan today (May 11) denied South Africa had “sold out” for the sake of the 2010 World Cup.
“The fact of the matter is more countries are making bids... If you make a bid then you accept the terms and conditions of the event,” said Jordaan.
“The World Cup did not change the commercial environment of this country.”
Jordaan was responding to a British journalist, who had asked whether the country had “sold out” and was marginalising people such as informal hawkers.
Jordaan became testy when asked by a reporter from Hong Kong about preparations for the World Cup at Soccer City.
The reporter who arrived a day ago noted the construction work around the stadium and asked if South Africa was following the “Greek lesson”.
Jordaan maintained the current work around Soccer City was a “fit out” and that construction had already been concluded.
“I think your comparison to Greece is out of order. I hope you have a good time in our country,” said Jordaan. – Sapa