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PosOnderwerp: DEFIANCE OF A SCMUCK   Mon May 10, 2010 9:50 pm

1. The act or an example of defying; bold resistance to an opposing force or authority.

By Mike Smith
November 7th, 2009

In everyone’s life there comes a time when you have to say, “Up to here and no further” and most of us have gone through this experience before. When one is constantly bullied at school, one can only endure so much before one snaps. There comes a time when the inevitable confrontation can no longer be postponed. There come a time when no amount of appeasing or nice talk works anymore. There comes a time to take a stand and there comes a time to take off the gloves. That time has come.

For us in South Africa taking a stand is nothing new. Since our forefathers first set foot on this damned continent of savages we have been fighting for our existence, our right to life and our pursuit of happiness. Our history is rich with white men and women who took a stand and said, “Up to here and no further”. Andries Pretorius said it and took on the mighty Zulu empire leaving the praying up to Sarel Cillier at the Battle of Blood River.

At the Battle of Islandwana and again at Rorke’s Drift the English said the same, “Whether we win or lose, whether we live or die,…up to here and no further.”
The Boers said the same when it came to the two Anglo/Boer wars, although they were outgunned and outnumbered, they did not run away, they took a stand, come what may.
When it comes to confrontation and war, many people will tell you that if you do not intend to win the war or feel you cannot, it is better not to fight…better to run away and fight another day.

I beg to differ. Sometimes your survival does not depend on winning or losing, but rather in what a good fight you put up. Many people think that there are only two sides to fighting, “Fight” and “Flight”. This is not true. There are other sides as well such as “posturing”, when an animal makes himself look bigger and more dangerous than he is, it might ensure his survival, or “submission”, when an animal plays dead or curls up in a bundle in front of his rival.

To me, submission and flight is out of the question, because I am a human being, not an animal…I have to psychologically live with myself for the rest of my life and I will never be able to live with myself when I “Adriaan Vlokked” the feet of my enemies. For that I have too much pride and self respect.

The bully does not want you to stand up to him. He likes the psychological power game, not so much the physical one. When one stand up to the bully even when one is physically his inferior, one is psychologically his superior and that is what he hates. Even if one loses physically against the bully, the psychological war has been won. That is why the bully will leave people alone who stands up to him and go look for victims somewhere else.

Truth is further that one only needs to take a stand once and one will be left alone.
The Boers were outnumbered sixteen to one in the Second Anglo/Boer War. They had very little foreign help and were heavily outgunned, yet they took a stand, knowing full well it was a war they could never win. At the end of the day the British had more bloody noses, and black eyes than the Boers and after the war, every single prime minister of the Union of South Africa was a Boer General and after 1948 until 1994, every Prime minister and President of South Africa was an Afrikaner. Makes one think who actually won the Anglo Boer war and who lost, doesn’t it?

At the end of the day it does not matter whether you win or lose so much, it is how good a fight you put up. Next time the bully will think twice before he takes you on.
Our country is going to the dogs. It is time for us to take a stand. It is up to here and no further. We will no longer be tortured and murdered. Our wives will no longer be raped. From now on we will fight back and we will fight back with everything we got and whatever it takes. It is simply a conscious decision we have to make. We were born in South Africa. We are South African citizens. Our forefathers built this country. They built every single road, dam, airport and railway track. South Africa is OUR country and we will take a stand for her and our right to live on her soil.

Tony Ehrenreich of Cosatu, who is an alliance partner of the ANC and the South African Communist Party declared open war on us Whites in September 2006 when he uttered these words, “Ons is vandag hier om oorlog te verklaar. Ons is gekant teen geweld, maar as dit is wat dit verg om slegte boere in n rigting te dwing, moet ons hulle in ‚n rigting moer. As Boere aanhou om soos mal honde ons plaaswerkers se regte te skend, dan moet ons hulle slaan om op te hou, hoewel dit die laaste uitweg is. Hulle gaan kak as hulle nie ophou nie.”

Translated (loosely from the SAHRC report) it reads,

“We are here today to declare war…we are opposed to violence, but if that is what it takes to push bad farmers in the right direction, we must smash them in the right direction. (“Moer” is not found in the dictionary, but in proverbial Afrikaans this means to inflict serious harm or violence). If farmers continue, like mad dogs, to violate the rights of our farm workers, then we have to hit/beat them up to stop, however, this is the last alternative/resort. They will shit if they don’t stop”.

The ANC and Cosatu falsely accused four White farmers in Worcester, Rawsonville area of raping a coloured woman when she later admitted that she lied and that she was never raped. The ANC and their National Civics Organisation pushed her to tell these lies to fan racial hatred towards Whites.

The ANC declaration of war against Whites

For the last three years since this declaration of war, we as White South Africans have ignored it…pretended that it was just words, when all along the hatred and violence against our people as well as the government cover-up through heavily massaged and masturbated statistics has increased exponentially. Truth is that this declaration of war was real. They meant every word of it.

No people, it cannot continue like this. It is not only a battle for our country and our very survival, it is a battle for our dignity and our soul.

For me the rape of Martie Olivier by two Black policemen last week has been enough. It clearly identified the state as the enemy of the citizens. It affirmed their declaration of war from 2006. Both of these policemen are still on their posts and not even suspended. In fact the police do not even have suspects yet. The government has one job, and that is to protect its citizens. When the government cannot do that job and in fact turns on its citizens such as in the case of Martie Olivier, then I am afraid we do not need them any more. They must go.

The ANC has failed the citizens of South Africa. We must do everything in our power to get rid of this Marxist terrorist scum who parades as a legitimate government in South Africa. I do not care what it takes…ANC delenda est!
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