IT was “tantamount to high treason to fly the old apartheid flag in the new South Africa”, Nelson Mandela Bay Mayor Zanoxolo Wayile said yesterday.
Addressing the council, Wayile said that after the murder of AWB leader Eugene Terre’ Blanche there had been people who wanted “to plunge this country into a racial war”.
President Jacob Zuma should be lauded for the leadership he had shown during a period when certain elements had wanted “to project a criminal act as being part of a political agenda”.
Wayile said it was “worrying and disturbing” that some people had wanted to fly the old flag. This was “a political insult to Madiba and others who fought for freedom”.
The mayor also attacked the absence of the DA from the Freedom Day celebrations at the end of last month, saying that there was a need to be honest and that if DA leader Helen Zille said she was “not comfortable to stay in South Africa, she can always take the next plane to wherever”.
The mayor also referred to Zosa Street, Korsten, and the nine-year delay in providing houses, pointing out that black people had been marginalised for centuries.
Replying to Wayile, Freedom Front Plus councillor Kritzinger Mey said the mayor had spoken about the flying of the old flag, but had not mentioned a word about the singing of the refrain “Kill the boer, kill the farmer”.
In his reply DA caucus leader Leon de Villiers said one could not mention “Zosa Street and service delivery in the same breath”, saying it had been the DA councillors that had fought for the people. “We do not have to rubbish the ANC, the ANC does that itself”.
De Villiers said the metro’s administration was “now on the brink of being rendered dysfunctional – and I am sure that there are many who will feel that it is already in such a state”. “Whatever your opinion may be of the state of this metro, I can assure you it is not working for the people and the people are growing impatient.”