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 right revival??

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Join date : 2010-04-12

PosOnderwerp: right revival??   Mon Apr 12, 2010 6:08 pm

Hello Friends
Newbie here !!
Happy to see so many new people willing to join up all of a sudden right accross the "right
wing" spectrum. AWB,BV and I suspect even ou frikkie and his cyber toilet might have caught a few.
I still do not understand or see the benefit of all that personal info needed to register at some of these web sites. But I will not deter anybody from doing so.
People seem to be clamouring on the AWB wagon,which is probably a good thing but I cannot help but wonder. What will they do with the potential "energy" provided by this influx?? Have they got something real to keep this momentum going? Are we going to see
just more dissullusioned people in a short while down the road shutting down again in their
own little bunkers (laager mentality?)
Allow me this statemnent in these "sensitive times".
I believe that as long as ET remained the face/leader of the AWB that the movement
was dead,shackled by all the baggage that came with ET. This is not to trample the reputation of ET but just a fact as I see it. Most of that baggage was created by our enemies I know but then where was the people/support that should have shielded or protect him from such an onslaught. No man can stand snowhite with all the resources that was mobilised against him. What has changed amongst the AWB? The unity amongst the new leader structure seems unsound shaky to me. What is the AWB offering that is a new dynamic strategy? I fail to see anything that gives confidence but the hope is there.
I hope they can harness and channel our people correctly this time. I hope that they
have the depth of leadership to sieze the moment. Time will tell.
Anyway great to be here.

subie afro (kaapse goffel )
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Join date : 2010-02-07

PosOnderwerp: Re: right revival??   Mon Apr 12, 2010 6:41 pm

Welkom Subie ek hoop jy sal welkom hier voel en sal deel neem aan van ons aktiwieteite. Hier in die Kaap van storms mag jy dalk net vind dat hierdie klein groepie se man staan en al deur baie toetse is.

Hiermee se ek nie dat ander groepe enigens slegter is nie maar ons hoop dat ons wel uit die foute van die verlede geleer het.

Hiermee se ons dan ook dat ons die selfde doel het maar net n ander pad kies om daar uit te kom, wat nie deur almal goed gekeur word nie. Naamlik dat ons nie net op die kuber ruimte bly nie maar ook die pad wat ons loop geniet.

Besoek ook asb ons photo buckget kyk op die kamp draad dit was n lekker naweek.
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Join date : 2010-02-07

PosOnderwerp: Welcome   Mon Apr 12, 2010 11:03 pm

I will try in my best english. Please excuse the mistakes.

Although I do not agree with the AWB to the fullest, I also don't like it when people become another number or part of the statistics.
What they are asking for, will not happen easily. I cannot wholeheartedly agree with what they want to ask, though I understand why. Let me try and put it into perspective. It will be my own opinion alone and not that of the group.

The reality is that there are both white, coloured, indians and blacks in this country that do not wish anything bad to happen. The tables has turned over the past 15 years and they have much more to loose than the white man.

I try to hang on to every bit of positive verse, in my Bible, but I also heed the warnings and the way life (according to my Bible) needs to be lived.

The problem is that you cannot pray to different kinds of gods and expect a country to work with democracy, as all that it leads to is praying to the money god, power god, fashion god, sport god, tv god, games god etc. In other words, the social and constant in-debt gods.
Problem no. two you are sitting with, is the SA land, minerals, recources, ect. are being "sold" piece by peice. I then have to ask the question, where are everyone going to stay at the end of the times? That includes ALL races. With the influx of .......... coming over the borders with absolute minimal control, in order to increase numbers (we all know for who), it will become impossible to sustain EVERYONE WITH EVEN THE BASIC NEEDS, in the long long run, therefor numbers have to be reduced. Same method as "culling". (We all can see that senario as well). THE EARTH CAN ONLY TAKE SO MUCH! Thus leading to another question - When they are done with whom they are targeting first (after they feel that they have bled every recource including targeted humans) who are they going to target next, to sustain yet another influx of ......... and possibly overseas ......... not born in South Africa. Who will have the targeted gene witin them? And then, and then and then. The questions goes on and on.
Yes it all seems almost an impossibility. I have learnt that history becomes the future, thus creating a circle of life. Now if you take a circle, what can happen to it? It can be made into an oval and you can try all different shapes and sizes, but in the end it remains a circle.

I was born in the Cape Province. Should we look at the Cape Province from the very early ages, it was "born", there were always an influx of different types op nationalities, therefor the Cape people always had to "mingle". That was the way we were brought up. It does not mean that you go and jump in bed with them or socialize with them, but as for seeing them, speaking to them, respecting them, yes. For the life of me I honestly did not understand how they could call everyone racist if we did not grow up like that. Everything now-a-days are racist. It has actually turned into a joke, but what the people of the Cape always knew and still know is not to walk with a constant chip on the shoulder. That also means that you say what you want to say and do your own thing, without harming someone else in the process. You live by the 10 Commandments. Desperation for yet another type of god, namely drugs, ect. are driving people mad and that is what is making them ugly. Hate the sin, not the sinner.

The people of the Cape did not grow up like the people in the Transvaal.
It is not our children (Johan Nel for example) sitting in jail, due to cercumstances. It is not our fathers sitting in jail, trying to protect his family, it is not the poeple of the Cape that has to clean their drains and find body parts of animals, due to rituals. Another question? Do I really want my children to experience something like that if they are not used to it? It is not the farm workers having to put themselves into constant debt due to what's the favourite word - crime - that must constantly keep paying for all the damages and then scream for more money.
There has got to be a balance between the farm workers and farmers, working together, protecting together in order to help secure food production or any other type of production, so that the farmer are able to compensate them decently and without harming one another.
It is not our blood and sweat that went into that ground. Not all farm workers are bad and not all farmers are bad, but the majority of people are so brain-washed that they all they can think about is excicuting instructions, not misread by the minority like are being claimed, which is very unfortunate, and follow like sheep (otherwise they are being harmed (like in history of old, which there is more than sufficient evidence, even in the present).
How much more must the people of the Transvaal handle, tolerate, agree, plead, bleed? How much more? When will .................. ever have enough?

They just have to keep the race card open and play the hate card, due to MONEY AND POWER, MONEY AND POWER AND MONEY AND POWER. That's the only reason why, with of cause a lot of influence from abroad. Behind every succesfull, there must be a ?????? masterbrain. Been going on for centuries.

Another reality that needs to be faced is that, with all the wars, earthquakes, mud slides, floodings (to name a few), going on around the world, does the people of SA HONESTLY think that South Africa will be spared, with all the satanic movement, rituals, different kinds of gods which they pary to? There is only ONE TRUE GOD.

Yes I agree with the people on the PAC facebook, by agreeing that ALL in South Africa needs to go down on their knees and pray, but will ALL prayers help if they keep on praying to their dead. GOD is not a GOD for the dead, but for the LIVING. If they believe in GOD THE FATHER, GOD THE SON AND GOD THE HOLY SPIRIT, how does their culture of praying to their dead, fit into all of this?

In my Bible it states, don't give a man a fish, teach him how to fish, but if he does not want to be taught? There is an old saying: you can take a horse to the water, but you can't make it drink. It basically refers to that if that person does not want to be taught, then you turn around and walk away and not do anything for that person anymore.

Like Trompie asked the question: Can you get running blood out of a piece of rock? This is where most people has given up hope. Some white people of SA are really not interested in learning how to pray to the dead and different kinds of gods. Call us what you like. White people really are not interested to be in constant debt due to ........ who wants to be selfish and want more and more and more, in order to gain what? Money and Power? Money and Power are not going to get you or anyone else into heaven. Some don't even believe in heaven, because they don't want to.
For the other's that REALLY do believe, I respect them, but it still does not mean that I have to jump into bed with them or socialize with them. Respect, yes!
This is being myself, being thankful to God for the unique way that He has created me with a white skin and not bearing a chip on my shoulder becasue of it. Then it's got nothing to do with being racist! Then it is about freedom of choice and my right as a SA citizen to exercise, as I've been doing since I was born. God has given all of us a free will, but if we can't even follow the 10 commancments, the your soul is already lost.

Therefor I can understand why the AWB wants it's own Volkstaat and I respect it fot the simple fact that they feel that they are doing the right thing in order to guard their people against the constant, PHYSICAL, VERBAL, MENTAL AND EMOTIONAL ABUSE that they have to endure, day in and day out and SOME OF THE POEPLE REALLY ARE INNOCENT (YET ARE KEEP ON BEING ATTACKED). As for leading the volk, I seriously doubt it. Whether they will be able to achieve their own Volkstaat, with the MONEY, POWER, VANITY AND WANT MORE AND MORE AND MORE AND THE ME, MYSELF AND I AND WHAT ABOUT US ATTITUDE, remains to be seen.

For those who want to live in peace, I strongly suggest that you ask God to guide you on the path which He (alone) has set out for you and LISTEN to the Holy Spirit. (Not demons, ghosts and the dead.) The only way that you can do that is if you go back to your Bible and start reading it. You will be guided by scripture and the Holy Spirit. First make sure to recognize all your sins, decalre your sins to Jesus (even if you talk to him in your mind and or your heart) and lay it in front of Jesus's feet, and HONESTLY and TRUELY and on a daily basis try and walk the path that He want's you to walk. That is the bigger picture and that is what you should be focussing on. Everyone has got a different path and everyone gets different messages, but it all forms part of the bigger picture, that you might or might not understand now, but will understand if you choose to and when He decides that the time is right. The answers are not always what you expect, but will be the TRUTH.

Be Safe and Be Blessed
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PosOnderwerp: Re: right revival??   Tue Apr 13, 2010 7:57 am

Hello KVB000000005

Nice post although I just cannot assimilate the wolf in your avatar with it.

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Aantal posstukke : 295
Join date : 2010-02-07

PosOnderwerp: Avatar   Tue Apr 13, 2010 10:19 am

I liked the avatar of the wolf, as it is the most realistic "photo" there is. I'm not really one for cartoons or movie characters. I like sunsets, sunrise, dolphins, smiles, flowers, dogs and many more.
To many it might represent a different picture, but for those who really do know me, it represents the fierceness of which I will protect my cubs and that includes everyone that I care about, to.
The inner heart is what matters.
Good and bad can be seen in even a smile, sunset and everything that contains life.
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PosOnderwerp: Re: right revival??   

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right revival??
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