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 Black peoples obsession with Apartheid and Colonialism

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PosOnderwerp: Black peoples obsession with Apartheid and Colonialism   Mon Apr 05, 2010 10:30 pm

Black peoples obsession with Apartheid and Colonialism ,,,,,,and the real reason why Apartheid couldnt end sooner
Mon 5 Apr 2010, 21:24 (1) 1 Comment(s) Email article Share
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Day in and day out,as the wind blows west and then east and then south west,Black South Africans continue to have an obsession with Apartheid and Colonialism.In 2010,we have reached a point in time,where a large percentage of Blacks were not born during the Apartheid years,and obviously have never experienced segregation laws,used to regulate where you could or couldnt sit on a particular beach.But yet they behave as if HF Verwoerd was the prime minister in 2004.

Was Apartheid and Colonialism really that bad?

Well,obviously it was,theres no doubt about it.To be born during the height of Apartheid was a nightmare scenario for any non-white in any land or continent that was colonialised.

The problem I have today isnt the fact that Black people have an obsession with the past,but more to do about,their sheer lack of understanding.

When the Colonial dreams started in Europe,many people left their homelands to settle somewhere,far away,and to find their fortune.Most left for economic reasons,to start a new life,where natural resources was abundant and to have a chance at creating wealth for themselves as well as their families.The more and more Europeans that settled in colonialised regions,did so,out of what I call "the spirit of the times".In other words,this is what they did in those days,namely to arrive,to acquire land,to steal from indigenous peoples (not that Blacks are indigenous to South Africa),and then to build on this new chance of freedom.

In my opinion,whites didnt do anything different relative to what could have happened,had Blacks colonised Europe.They too would have oppressed and stole from indigenous Irish and Germans.And because of this,I dont quite understand,the Black man's obsession with Apartheid and Colonialism.

However,the situation that was created by ,lets say,the third and fourth generations ago,made it extremely difficult for the current generation to end Apartheid,not because the majority wanted to maintain the status quo,but because they couldnt simply end it in the 1970s' or the 1980s' out of fear of what could possibly happen to them,should they be dominated by Black people in South Africa.In other words,these brutal farm attacks that is happening today is precisely the reason,most Whites didnt want to end Apartheid,as they would have to be the ones,who would have to pay for the mistakes that their forefathers made.

What gets even more interesting,is that Black people think that Nelson Mandela ended Apartheid,whereas in reality,people like Thabo Mbeki would approach foreign governments and request them to place economic sanctions onto apartheid South Africa,a situation which Margaret Thatcher, initially ,was extremely reluctant to do.Without those sanctions,the ANC and others wouldnt have gotten very far as the white government had the firepower to kill Black people including Mandela himself.The Blacks were no threat to the South African Defence Force,the whites started apartheid and the whites ended apartheid,not Mandela or Mbeki or Tambo.

Apartheid South Africa and its nuclear weapons

Apartheid South Africa had nuclear weapons.Apparently they had six nuclear bombs rearing and ready to go ,should a threat arise from inside Africa.

Now,let me draw your attention to something,please click on the link below and then expand it.

That is an old photo of the USA detonating a nuclear bomb in the ocean.Just have a look at the amount of seawater displaced by that explosion relative to the size of all those large WARships,and then you will realise how destructive a nuclear bomb can be,and then you will also realise how much destruction,the South African Defence Force,could inflict on neighbhouring states ,should a mass African invasion of Apartheid South Africa have taken place.

Now when one looks at what the SADF could easily have done to Blacks,it makes sense that Mandela was just another person sitting in jail,and whos life could easily have been taken many many decades ago already,and yet,he is alive,because the Whites allowed him to live.

Now we have a situation,where Black "leaders" are singing songs like "kill the boer",and you have suporters cheering them as they sing it,you have all these farm murders taking place,if a Coloured person speaks out against Blacks,they get labelled as "trying to be white",when whites criticise the government on matters which are not racial,the whites gets labelled as racists and "stuck in the past",but in reality,all this theft by state officials taking place,the brutal farm murders and the constant racial rhetoric made by Black leaders in South Africa,leaves me with an opinion,that Black South Africans in general, simply have no chivalry,when one considers what easily could have happened to them,during the apartheid years.

Now,I request any Black person,who,after seeing that photo,and who TRULY and HONESTLY still think that Mandela ended Apartheid,to come on here and challenge me to a debate.

Come on now,climb off your ANC high horses,crawl out from behind those ANC podiums and come chat to me.


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5 Apr 2010, 22:20
If you look at this blog with your head and not your heart, it certainly makes sense. The SANDF during that era was indeed formidable and could have gone right up to Cairo if they wanted. If it wasn't for the treacherous Kissinger group, who first asked (and funded?) the SANDF to clean up the Cubans in Angola, but then decided on another
plan to get the oil in Angola and withdrew their support for SA's offensive there, it could have been a different kettle of fish. In any case, this country then by rights belong to the Khoi / San & not any black or white race should lay claim to it at all? How far back is long enough to be beyond dispute as to ownership?
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Black peoples obsession with Apartheid and Colonialism
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