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 Vengeful black cops victimise whites in S.Africa

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PosOnderwerp: Vengeful black cops victimise whites in S.Africa   Sat Mar 20, 2010 9:00 pm

Saturday, 20 March 2010

Illegal arrests of whites are rampant – the latest:

It’s been a growing pattern for the past ten years and getting worse: white crime-victims get arrested when reporting crimes at South African police stations; innocent white citizens are rounded up on the streets and thrown in jails on trumped-up charges and non-existent traffic violations. White police officers and military men are arrested on trumped-up charges. If these arrested crime-victims do not have bribe-money or the name of a lawyer who can get them out of jail rapidly -- they are forced to spend at least one night in a police-cell -- where such whites. males and females, are routinely gang-raped in a very organised way by black police officers and by cell-inmates alike...these are only some of the latest cases, with some shocking new video footage…

Top Welkom businessman Lucky Elisseou arrested after reporting shoplifters to SAPS

2010-03-19 Tom de Wet writes in Volksblad newspaper that Lucky Elisseou, 41, the co-owner of two Spar supermarkets in Riebeeckstad, was thrown overnight into a filthy police cell after he reported a shoplifter at one of the shops. Elisseou was instead charged with ‘attempted murder’ of the thief and only after ‘negotiations’ by his lawyer Hannes Peyper, was the businessman released the next day on bail of R5,000. He was ordered to appear on April 20 in the local magistrate’s court. Two
Riebeeckstad youths were ‘treated at a local hospital’ for very minor ‘injuries’ and released the same day…

Those vengeful South African cops:

It’s a rapiudly-increasing problem in South Africa: thieves and armed attackers of white business people, white families and white farmers now often lodge charges against their victims whenever these thugs are arrested by attacked citizens -- and then the stupid SAPS arrest the white victims instead. It’s of course entirely legal to carry out citizens’ arrests in South Africa; and to hold the suspects of crime securily (tied up and/or locked up) until the SAPS can come and fetch them. It’s always best to have a number of neutral witnesses to such arrests: the arrestees often lodge charges against the victims with claims of ‘assault’… clearly it’s becoming very dangerous for white South Africans to even dare to defend themselves: many whites face being infected by HIV-AIDS, as they often suffer gang-rapes in SAPS holding pens.

SAPS captain Stephen Thakeng was closed-mouthed about the ‘incident’ – merely confirming that Mr Elisseou was arrested after he’d lodged a formal complaint of theft against a 17-year-old youth. It’s being claimed that ‘the child’ was apparently hit by a car driven by Mr Elisseou near his shop – and that an eyewitness had fingered the businessman as the driver. However the details will be revealed in court. Volksblad reports that ‘by coincidence two 17-year-old youths were also admitted to Bongani Hospital in Riebeeckstad – one asking for treatment of injuries sustained in a car accident, the second one for injuries sustained in an assault. The first youth was discharged after treatment of reportedly ‘very light injuries’; the second youth walked out of the hospital at around 8pm – discharging himself.


Magdel Steyn was merely parking her car when arrested by an huge, aggressive Pretoria police force -- but their racist abuse was caught on camera by the Afriforum civil rights movement…

March 14 2010 – PRETORIA AfriForum has released shocking visual material of Pretoria metro male police officers unlawfully yanking around this Afrikaans woman (left) in front of a large crowd -- and then illegally and roughly arresting her. Her crime? – she was accused of double-parking at a private parking lot while still trying to find parking for her car…

During the broadcasting of the M-Net programme, Carte Blanche, on Sunday 14 March 2010, the story of the 24 year-old Magdel Steyn was told. She was arrested in front of her relatives by the (Pretoria) Metro Police on a fake charge of “reckless and negligent driving” -- after allegedly double-parking at a privately-owned parking lot. It’s not known why the Pretoria metropolitan police were present in such large numbers just to arrest one defenceless Afrikaans woman who had done nothing wrong.

Nantes Kelder, head of community safety of AfriForum, the visual material shows shocking images of Steyn’s human rights being violated under the pretense of a very minor traffic violation. “AfriForum hopes that people like Julius Malema will condemn this incident with the same fervour as that with which the so-called Reitz incident had been condemned,” he said.“AfriForum has already discussed the matter with Mr Francois Beukman, the Executive Director of the Independent Complaints Directorate (ICD). The incident is regarded in a serious light and the ICD will investigate it further,” Kelder said. Kelder added that a letter of AfriForum’s legal team has already been served to the Head of the Metro Police, Commissioner Mutle. In the letter AfriForum asks for the latter’s undertaking that action will be taken against the metro police members involved immediately. AfriForum also demands in the letter that these members should be suspended, or be withdrawn from active policing duties. If this does not happen, AfriForum will apply for a urgent court order to enforce these demands. Kelder once again encouraged members of the public to tell their stories about incidents of power abuse by police members at AfriForum will assist people with legal advice. In his opinion, these kinds of abuse are primarily due to a lack of discipline and supervision. He appealed to the public always to act within the framework of the law. VIEW ALL THE PICTURES:



“SAPS arresting whites without any legal reasons just to get them raped in a police cell…” – warning:

“I used to love South Africa , I used to say I'd never leave... my rose-tinted glasses were shattered last month! Monday morning my mom was driving to work when she hit a pedestrian. the pedestrian seemed fine, however, the other black people started stoning my mom's car.

She has a witness, a man who hooted at her to go - then followed her to the closest garage and told my mom to go to the police. My mom was so upset, she then got my brother to take her to the police station to make a statement. The superintendent at the station took the statement and told my mom ‘not to worry, seeing as the pedestrian was fine and hadn't come forward with a charge, nothing would come of it.”

Police van full of racist police officers pitched up to arrest my mom at her office… and laughed at her for ‘being a useless white’…

My mom went to work - only to have a police van full of officers pitch at her office to arrest her!

As she hysterically tried to call me to say they were taking her to Roodepoort Police Station, they took her phone from her and simply threw her into the van. On route to the station they asked my mom for a bribe, my mom never had cash on her - then they all started laughing at her and told her what a useless white she is. I raced to the police station and immediately got hold of a lawyer.... the lawyer was furious.There was no charge! no pedestrian! and yet my mother was thrown in a cell - with a convict!

This convict told my mom she ‘organised for other convicts to be let into the cell to rape and beat my mom that night”. When fingerprints were taken my mom asked for some toilet paper and was told to wipe her hands on her effing hand bag! When I was at the police station I was treated with total disregard by the black police officers - who looked at me like something someone scraped off the bottom of their shoe! Long story short, this entire nightmare cost four thousand rand in lawyer fees and bail to get my mom out. The lawyer knew to act quickly to ensure that my mom did not stay in overnight. The case was thrown out of court on Tuesday morning, as there was no case!

White people are being victimised:

My mom was put through hell and back by our joke of a police force - who should surely to God use their manpower where it's so desperately needed in our country. My lawyer confirmed that white people are being victimised. The theory is that we have the money to waste on bribes and bail!

Please ensure that you have the number of a lawyer... the police aim to keep you in jail for at least one night - they only need one night to get you raped and beaten by other convicts - so that they got their revenge against whites. My mom is terrorised and currently undergoing counseling. And simply wants to forget the whole thing. But I refuse to let more people be victimised by an institution that's supposed to protect us!

ALWAYS HAVE A LAWYERS NUMBER - and warn everyone you know to keep the number of a lawyer handy, as you have to act speedily to avoid staying even one night! (we've all heard scary stories about traffic officers arresting people without the necessary legal documents)

Racism is an ugly thing South Africans are trying hard to get rid of, yet racism against white people is so clearly evident. God help us... let's pray we don't end up like Zim, as our government and law enforcement seem set on sending us in the same direction! Jacqui Johannesburg , SA
Farmer Chris Grobler, foreman Eugene Lloyd arrested for defending themselves against two armed attackers – Koppies police station

March 14 2010 – KOPPIES, Free State. Journalist Charles Smith of Volksblad newspaper reports that twenty-three year old Afrikaner farmer Chris Grobler and his foreman Eugene Lloyd both were illegally arrested and locked up for 48 hours in the Free State this past weekend without being booked in at the official police registry -- for defending themselves against two men who had attacked them with knives. The two Afrikaners had made citizen’s arrests of the two attackers and the police were alerted – but only showed up a day later. And instead of arresting the attackers, the two white men were arrested when they went to the police station to make formal statements – and then their dockets were ‘lost’ for 48 hours while they were locked up in a large holding pen with dozens of aggressive black detainees.

The two white men were threatened in the overcrowded holding pens of the Koppies police station by black inmates who started singing and dancing very loudly, said his father Christo. The two young white men were held illegally: three attorneys hired by the parents have established that the two Afrikaners initially had been held without any mention of their names being registered in the police-registry at Koppies police station. “The dossier was ‘ missing ‘ and there were no entries in the incident book…’ said the father. Moreover, the police officers even denied that they had even been to the farm, where Mr Grobler and the foreman had made citizen’s arrests of two men who had assaulted the two white men with knives on Sunday.

The two men were released only after two farm workers who had witnessed the assaults and the arrival of the police that Monday, had submitted signed and sworn statements to the police, did the cops even acknowledge the fact that the two white men were in a holding pen with scores of black detainees. The police had been called twice over the weekend after a drunken ex-farm worker had shown up there with a comrade and started attacking the residents with knives but only showed up on Monday when two constables showed up.

“Don’t behave like a white woman…’ distraught farm wife told by arrogant SAPS constable…

“My wife wanted to know why they didn’t show up on Sunday when the two men were making all the trouble, and she was told ‘don’t behave like a white woman’… said Grobler. The commander of the Heuningspruit police station also told the father that his son ‘should have stood still to be stabbed’ and then the attacker would have been in the cells instead of Chris…’ Allegedly the two arrested black knifemen had lodged charges of assaults against the farmer and his foreman, said police captain Msisitheki Selima of the Kroonstad police; and Volksblad also quoted a claim from another cop that the police ‘have a rule’ that “anyone accused of anything should be locked up for 48 hours…. “
When the young farmer was asked to go to the police station on Monday with his foreman to make a formal statement about the details surrounding the citizen’s arrest of the two armed men which the police had been taken away by the two constables earlier that day, these crime-victims were arrested instead and held illegally for 48 hours. Volksblad


These are not stand-alone incidents: This is a growing pattern of deliberate persecution by the ANC-regime ‘s officials – countrywide. These pften involves trumped-up charges and lying witnesses – always backed up by screaming headlines in black newspapers such as The Sowetan.
2009-01-28 “The Sowetan” attacks terrified, harassed Afrikaner prosecutor Carlette Muller, using one unnamed source…


“Colleagues say this white prosecutor busts only black minors. Carlette Muller, left is responsible for prosecuting criminal cases involving minors in the Johannesburg region. Social workers, police and prosecutors believe that Muller prefers to send black children to court – while withdrawing cases involving their white counterparts… This leaves black children with criminal records for life,” said an unnamed concerned senior justice official.

Sowetan can reveal that Muller’s colleagues have now complained to the National Prosecuting Authority. They have also approached the senior magistrate at the Johannesburg family court, Daniel Thulare, to deal with the matter.The justice official said yesterday: “Whenever we are dealing with juveniles we have a mandate to divert them into rehabilitation programmes so that they don’t have criminal records. People who work in Carlette’s office claim that she prefers to send black kids to court while diverting their white counterparts.” In August last year Muller apparently decided to prosecute a 12-year-old black child despite social workers, who investigated the child’s circumstances, recommending he be sent into the rehabilitation programme. The minor, whose name is know to Sowetan, was accused of stealing clothes worth R1000. We can further reveal that a month earlier she had recommended that a 16-year-old white girl, bust for theft of clothes valued at R2900, be sent to a rehabilitation centre. This was despite further testimony by the suspect’s mother that she was a drug abuser and that she was stealing things from home in order to support her habit. A few weeks later Muller was said to have withdrawn theft charges against a 16-year-old white youth – despite social workers requesting the boy be detained at a centre while they investigated his case. Thulare said yesterday: “I can confirm that social workers and members of the public did complain to me about … diversions along racial lines and I have brought the matter to the attention of the NPA.” Thulare said Muller has in turn accused him of defamation.“I have been aware of these complaints for some time. In my view the solution to the whole problem is to do a proper investigation,” Thulare said.Muller, when approached by Sowetan, said: “I am not prepared to talk about that matter.” She then stormed out of the office. Dennis Bloem, the chairman of the parliamentary portfolio committee on correctional services, told Sowetan: “Social workers and other prison officials have complained that whenever a black child has been arrested they are denied bail. m“And when a white child is involved prosecutors go out of their way to get relatives or guardians so that the juvenile could be released. We have heard that some of the prosecutors are not consistent when they apply the law.” NPA spokesman Tlali Tlali said yesterday: “ The NPA will institute an inquiry in order to determine what the state of affairs is before taking any corrective action, if one is warranted.”read entire hate-speech story here

"You white shit, you are going to die here with your money. read here:

Two Marble Hall Afrikaner farmers jailed -- after handing over to police a knifeman who had stabbed and assaulted five farm-workers...

Dec 19 2008 Beeld journalist Marietie Louw-Carstens reports that two Afrikaner farmers of Marble Hall, Emile Bloemhof, 34 and Albert Koltzov, 20, were arrested by the local police, locked up overnight and denied access to their lawyer. The two farmers had phoned the police, telling them to fetch a man named Ncube who had been captured by farm workers after the knifeman had just stabbed the wife of a farm foreman and assaulted four other workers. The farmers called the police and handed over the knifeman to the police. Instead the police locked up the farmers on charges of 'attempted murder'...The farm workers who chased and captured the knifeman, a man named Ncube, are aghast about this strange reaction from the police. Said Ncube had, according to these many witnesses, stabbed the farm foreman's wife with a knife and assaulted four other people on the H73 farm in Marble Hall - after which a large group of farm workers had chased and captured him. The farmers had merely phoned the police to come and catch Ncube. The farmers' legal representative Paul Coetzee is equally dismayed - saying that the farmers' human rights have been severely abused by the police's false accusations and summary arrest. The two Afrikaner men were dumped very hard-handedly in a police cell - and were then denied access to their lawyer by an inspector at the police station. The lawyer said he'd phoned the commander at Marble Hall police station, superintendent Caroline Mokatso - who claimed she 'didn't have the authority to grant me access to my clients' - which he said is inaccurate and indeed illegal.The next day, the farmers were released from captivity by the local magistrate, who expressed disgust at their false arrest and threw the case out of court, saying 'there wasn't enough evidence to prove that the farmers had ever tried to kill this Ncube'. A complaint will now be lodged with the independent police directorate -- much good it will do... Meanwhile nobody says what has happened to Ncube.,,3-975_2444257,00.html
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Vengeful black cops victimise whites in S.Africa
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