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 ANC backtracks on Malema

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PosOnderwerp: ANC backtracks on Malema   Wed Mar 10, 2010 4:55 pm

3/10/2010 1:43:58 PM
Johannesburg - The ANC has not yet decided whether to meet its youth league president Julius Malema on racially charged comments he made at a student rally.

Spokesperson Ishmael Mnisi on Wednesday said the party was always in touch with the league, but had not decided whether to talk to him about this particular matter.

"We are always in contact with the youth league, we will continue talking to them... even in this instance we would engage with them," he said.

However, he emphasised there was "no decision that the ANC has taken on this particular matter".

Racist comments

Malema, according to the Sowetan, led students at the University of Johannesburg in a song saying: "Shoot the boere [farmers], they are rapists."

He told students that former president Nelson Mandela had convinced blacks to forgive, but they should never forget what was done to them.

Mnisi said the African National Congress did not promote racist utterances.

"We wouldn't appreciate any statements against any member of our society, including whites... they are also South Africans," he said, adding that the Freedom Charter said South Africa belonged to all who live in it.
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Aantal posstukke : 1130
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PosOnderwerp: Re: ANC backtracks on Malema   Wed Mar 10, 2010 4:58 pm

'My stomach turned'
by Nicola
2010-03-10 14:22

Dear Editor,

The ANC has said it will “engage” with Julius Malema about singing “Shoot the boere” infront of hundreds of University students.

What if someone were to sing “Shoot the Pedi’s” together with hundreds of Afrikaners? Would the ANC leaders simply want to chat to that person about “saying such a nasty, racist thing”, or would he thrown into prison and the death penalty re-instated?

Many will argue that the word “boer” is a general term, whereas “Pedi” is quite specific. But we all know that “boer” does not refer to “the farmers, regardless of race”, NOR does it refer to “the white people who supported apartheid”.

When used in that context, the word “boer” is quite simply, and very specifically, a derogatory term used to describe a white Afrikaner (and every South African is aware of this, no matter what race they belong to).

Even the Collins dictionary defines a boer as a “descendant of any of the Dutch or Huguenot colonists who settled in South Africa, mainly in Cape Colony, the Orange Free State, and the Transvaal”.

My husband is Afrikaans. When I saw Julius Malema singing “Shoot the boere” on TV yesterday, my stomach turned, my blood pressure rose and my chest felt tight. He is threatening, or at least encouraging others, to murder the most important person in my life.

If he is allowed to say, “Shoot the white Afrikaners”, then he should not take offense if another youth leader replies, “Shoot the Pedis”!

Somehow, I think he would take such a statement as a “declaration of war” and I would not blame him.
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PosOnderwerp: Re: ANC backtracks on Malema   Wed Mar 10, 2010 5:02 pm

Malema: 'Skiet die boere'
2010-03-10 14:00
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Johannesburg - Die ANC sal aandag gee aan die rassistiese uitbarsting van sy jeuglilaga-president, Julius Malema, by 'n studente-byeenkoms vandeesweek.

Volgens die Sowetan het Malema onder meer gesê: "Skiet die boere, hulle is verkragters".

Oud-pres. Nelson Mandela het vergifnis bepleit, maar swartmense moet nooit vergeet wat met hulle gebeur het nie, het Malema volgens die koerant gesê.

ANC-woordvoerder, Ishmael Mnisi, het gesê die party sal met Malema praat oor sy uitlatings.

"Ons is altyd in kontak met hulle en ons sal aanhou praat... selfs in hierdie geval," het Mnisi gesê.

Malema het glo ook die Kaapse premier, Helen Zille, daarvan beskuldig dat sy 'n satanis is en kerke in die Wes-Kaap afbreek.

Oor Patricia de Lille sou hy glo onder meer gesê het dat geen normale man met haar sou trou nie.

Malema het glo ook gesê dat daar van "Nicky Oppenheimer se familie se rykdom gevat moet word om aan die mense van Suid-Afrika te gee".

- Sapa
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PosOnderwerp: "m"   Wed Mar 10, 2010 9:38 pm

Ons Vader het 'n manier om met karakters soos "m" te werk. Tyd sal leer.

Die probleem is dat "m" die blanke mense kwaad probeer maak sodat die blanke mense eerste hulle "move" kan maak. "m" het ons al mooi geleer dat wanneer hy soos 'n Bobgabi begin aangaan, hy soos gewoonlik weer iets verkeerd gedoen het en dus die fokuspunt wil skuif. Ai. hy leer ook nie uit sy eie foute uit nie, maar dan weer kan 'n mens enigsins beter verwag?
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PosOnderwerp: ANC defends 'kill the boer' song   Thu Mar 11, 2010 5:27 pm

2010-03-11 12:24

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Johannesburg - The ANC defended youth leader Julius Malema on Thursday for singing, "shoot the boers, they are rapists", saying the lyrics of the song had been quoted out of context.

"Let's discuss appropriately on this matter. Don't blame Julius. In fact, on this one, I will defend him," ANC spokesperson Jackson Mthembu told Sapa by phone on Thursday morning.

"This song was sung for many years even before Malema was born... Julius doesn't even know who's the writer of the song. He got it from us [the ANC]. You must blame the ANC, don't blame Julius. But when you blame the ANC, then contextualise it."

Old struggle song

Mthembu said the song was an old struggle song that Malema learnt from his ANC colleagues.

There were many songs in South Africa's history that could offend people, he said.

"I know of songs that sing of generals... but let's leave that aside," he said, declining to name the song, but in a clear hint to the Afrikaans hit, "De la Rey", about a general in the Anglo-Boer war.

The song Malema sang was not meant to attack boers, said Mthembu.

"If you don't look at the song in its entirety, then you lose the meaning," he said, before starting to sing it to Sapa during the telephonic interview.

Mthembu then explained: "It [the song] says, 'some people are cowards', it says, 'use your gun to shoot', because it is reminiscent of fighting a war."


It refers to all people who are cowards, including blacks who were cowards, Mthembu said.

"[It is about]... black people who were cowards... it means oppressive forces, it means those who are against transformation, those who are saying this ANC regime is against the 'blanke volk' [the white nation].

"There are some white people who say so, who say we were better off with white 'volk' in government."

Mthembu said he knew not all white people said this.

The song was also sung in the past by white freedom fighters.

"Even when we sang the songs, we didn't want Joe Slovo to be killed. Ronnie Kasrils... in fact, they were leading us in those songs."

Malema is facing a criminal charge and a complaint with the SA Human Rights Commission (SAHRC) for reportedly singing at the University of Johannesburg, "Dubula amabhunu baya raypha" (Zulu for, 'Shoot the boers, they are rapists) with a group of students.
The song is reminiscent of the late Peter Mokaba, a former ANC Youth League leader known for chanting the slogan, "kill the boer, kill the farmer" during the struggle against apartheid.

Criminal charge

The Freedom Front Plus laid a criminal charge against Malema for allegedly advocating hate. The Afrikanerbond lodged a complaint with the SAHRC.

The Freedom Front Plus won an appeal related to the "kill the farmer, kill the Boer" slogan in 2003 when the SAHRC ruled it constituted hate speech.

Mthembu said people who were unhappy with the singing of the song should approach the ANC so it could be discussed.

"The issue is, indeed, some people might be correct that there might be songs we should not sing. Let them put them on the agenda and convince the ANC that we should not sing those songs and tell us why.

"But then they should also look at songs that were sung by the forces of oppression."

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PosOnderwerp: ANCYL refuses farm attack list   Thu Mar 11, 2010 5:28 pm

2010-03-11 15:52

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Johannesburg - The ANC Youth League refused to accept a list of names of 1 600 farm attack victims which AfriForum youth attempted to hand over on Thursday afternoon.

"We regard it as spitting in the face of people who have been murdered in the last couple of years and they [the ANCYL] are making the whole issue of farm attacks... a cheap topic," AfriForum chairperson Ernst Roets said.

AfriForum youth were complaining about ANC Youth League president Julius Malema singing the song "Dubula amabhunu baya raypha" (Zulu for, 'Shoot the boers, they are rapists) during two public events in the past week.

"It is our understanding that the Youth League claims this song should be seen within a political context and that it has no physical or emotional affect on whites or Afrikaners whatsoever," Roets said.

AfriForum was therefore providing the list of victims to show that singing the song may have consequences.

"This is not a game of cowboys and crooks. On the ground people are being murdered while Julius Malema is singing and sipping on champagne."

Officials from the ANC headquarters of Luthuli House in Johannesburg, complained as Roets spoke to the media outside the building, saying the interview should be conducted elsewhere.

Roets said AfriForum youth were determined to continue with their campaign and would still file a complaint with the Equality Court.

Roets and two AfriForum youth companions threatened to paste the lists on the walls of Luthuli House, but after speaking to their lawyers opted not to.

ANC officials grew increasingly agitated at the presence of cameras and AfriForum members outside the building.

Roets said he would proceed directly to the Equality Court to lay a complaint and would add to it that the Youth League declined to accept the list of 1 600 names.


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PosOnderwerp: Re: ANC backtracks on Malema   

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ANC backtracks on Malema
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