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 The Battle Ground !!

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PosOnderwerp: The Battle Ground !!   Fri Aug 06, 2010 2:36 pm

Dear Brothers and Sisters.
Stepping back and looking at the whole scenario, with God and His seed and Satan and his seed the picture becomes very clear.
It is not about hate friends, it’s not about wasting our time hating
the enemy, it’s about us preparing to take up our place in the army of
God. It’s about preparing ourselves spiritually and physically to fight the good fight.
If we waste our energy on hate, then Satan wins again as he has
absorbed our time and stolen it from the Holy Spirit, who has much to
teach us. We need to arm ourselves with the Armour of God!
Yes, there is a time to hate, as mentioned in the book of
Ecclesiastes. Hate what is not Godly and righteous, hate God’s enemies
with a righteous hate as spoken of by David in Psalms, but a time, is
not all the time. I thought I’d share with you in my letter how I see
the “ Big picture”

The Lord calls himself The Lord of Hosts.
Hosts comes from the Hebrew word
tsaw-baw’, tseb-aw-aw’
From H6633; a mass of persons (or figurative things), especially
regularly organized for war (an army); appointed time, (+) army, (+)
battle, company, service, soldiers, waiting upon, war (-fare).

So the Lord is a Lord of an army, an army preparing for war. An army of soldiers who are waiting upon war. We are that army.
The way I see it is like a chess game, or better still a war taking
place over thousands of years between two opponents. Earth being the
battleground. The God of Israel and Satan are the two adversaries, the
commander in chiefs of their own armies. Their own seeds. Their own
moulded creations on this earth. Each also have their own Generals,
those being angels and demons who bring the soldiers messages from their
respective Commanders. Satan’s Generals will often mask themselves as
one of God’s Generals to try and deceive us into defecting and joining
their side.
Amongst the foot soldiers on the ground, on earth itself, we also
have different types of leaders, each with his or her own speciality.
Some are pastors, some teachers and some are prophets. Let’s call them
Section Chiefs. Just as in any war you will always find your traitors at
every level, right from the foot soldiers right up to the Section
Chiefs. Apostates.
All traitors will be treated in the same way as any traitor in an
earthly war. They will be banished and sentenced to death for their
double dealing with the enemy’s soldiers.
The Lord God, Jesus Christ, our commander in chief, has not left us
in the dark though. He has supplied His troops with a Battle plan we
know as the Bible, so that we can know exactly how this war will play
out. He also gave us the “ code of Conduct” in the form of the law. He
even told us in this Book how it is going to end. If you haven’t heard,
we are going to win !

Some of the Section Chiefs have even discarded the original Battle Plan
and rewritten their own with their own “ code of Conduct” contrary to
the original.
Just like any war you have your reluctant soldiers, those who don’t
really want to fight but rather want to stay home and milk the cows.(
symbolically) I call these people fence sitters or the Lord calls them " Luke warm"

Then we have our over zealous soldiers who although their hearts are
in the right place, often take matters into their own hands. Because of
their patriotism they storm the enemy without waiting for orders from
the top. This makes our side look weak and disorganized and basically
gives us a bad reputation to those we are still trying to recruit. Like
any good battle plan, timing is everything, and the whole army has to be
ready for the final onslaught to be a success.

As in any war, we can choose which “ team” we want to fight for.
However if you turn on the original “team” you were assigned to, you
will also be known as a traitor and suffer the same consequences. If you
decide to rather stay a fence sitter, then the rule “ if you are not
for Me, you are against Me” will apply. This again will put you in the
category of a traitor.

The Lord God of Israel does not accept traitors from the enemies side
into His army. So by trying to recruit those soldiers into His army
will make you a traitor, as that goes against “ the Code of Conduct”.

We also have our lazy soldiers who do not read the Battle Plan. They
only rely on the Section Chiefs ( pastors) to convey the messages. This could be
fatal for them, as we know many of these chiefs, knowingly or
unknowingly are traitors themselves. At the Victory Dance, the response “
I did not know any better” will not be an acceptable answer, as we all
have a copy of the Battle Plan!!
We have lost many brave warriors in this war, but be of good cheer, we
will see them again at the Victory Celebration in all their glory.
We are not to be sitting around waiting for the final battle, we have
much work to do. We are to train and become spiritually and physically fit and prepared. We are to
study the Battle Plan and follow the instructions.
We are to persuade our fence sitting brothers to join us in the good
fight and take up their positions in the army of God. We are to share
with them the good news that we will have victory in the end, and this
will be followed by a victory celebration lasting until the end of
eternity. We are to tell them, we are not to fear if we are hated for
the sake of our Commander in Chief, Jesus Christ, in this short life, it
will soon be forgotten. We are to tell them the choices we make on
earth will determine how we spend eternity, good or bad. We are to tell
them to rather have enmity with the world than with the Lord.

Friends, this is a war for our souls being played out in the physical
and spiritual realm. We are not to live in hate for the enemy, they are
who they are. We are to live in absolute LOVE and OBEDIENCE to our
Commander in Chief, the Lord of Hosts. We are to recruit His reluctant
soldiers with love, passion and zeal.. We are to warn them that this battle
is going on whether they like it or not, whether they want to take part
in it or not. There is no getting out of it. There is only one way home.
choose your side and take up your positions MEN, the time is short!

Blessings from a fellow Christian warrior.
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The Battle Ground !!
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