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PosOnderwerp: THE BOER AND HIS "GOYA."   Tue Jul 06, 2010 9:57 pm


Since I can remember- one fascinating question always popped-up in my mind: “ Why is it so- that through the ages- the Boer nation always was infested with Afrikaner Liberal leeches?” Where the Afrikaner truly came from- one can just speculate. We can offer various possibilities to this intriguing question- we can subtract from history- we can search through the annals of Heraldry - but always we will come to the same conclusion: These parasites will be with the Boer nation as long as the Boer will walk on God's earth.

I cannot explain the reason for the Liberal Afrikaner's extreme weird attitude towards the Boer nation. Is it so hard just to leave the Boer Nation alone to just live his life the way he want to? Is it so hard to accept that fact that Englishmen want to be Englishmen, Scots want to be Scots- and Irish want to be Irish? Is it so hard for the Liberal Specie to get to grips that nations want to keep their dignity, their sovereignty, their morals and their pride?

What is so hard to understand for a Liberal that Lions do not mix with Jaguars, Leopards do not mix with Tigers- and wolves do not mix with jackals? Nature shows us that different species always belong within their heritage, their nature, their kind- their gene-pool.

For so long has the Boer been struggling to survive the tidal wave of jealous attacks from these Liberal blood suckers. The Liberal-it seems- is a parasite that cannot survive without a natural host. They seem to be nothing more than a cancer that infest a nation. The Boer- Since his arrival in South-Africa- have been the target for umpteen attacks from these dark forces from the Liberal continent. At first- it was the Dutch East Indian Company that forced their Liberal systems the naive and innocent farmers.

When they were gone- being pushed from the colonial throne- the Boer again- was the victims of draconian attacks from the new British Leeches. This bloodsuckers followed the Boer wherever he went- and the attacks proceeded- even after the Great Trek. The Boers just want to be free- be alone- and to live their normal lives in what they do best- but alas- the Liberal infestation came with them in the form of Leeches like Barney Barnato , Ernest Oppenheimer and Cecil John Rhodes- germs that ultimately- led to the first genocide amongst this tiny nation in British concentration camps.

These Liberal vermin have their own characteristics- like any living being. These characteristics manifest themselves through thievery, power obsessed, treason, hunger for might, murder, no morals, addictiveness to sin, association with the dark powers, indulgence to immorality- and the zest for the destruction of nations.

Moving closer to present times- these human scum kept-on trailing the Boer and yet again the Boer's soul was riddled with infestation from these dogs of hell. We can name them here-but I do believe all the space in the world and time- will not be enough to highlight each and every one. Names like Louis Botha, Jan Smuts, DF Malan- and recently Voster, Botha, De Klerk, Suzman, De Villiers Graaff, Zille, Slabbert,etc immediately jumps to mind- but the fact stays- these ghouls kept-on trailing the Boer Nation like a bad dream. Where-ever the Boer ventures- his bad shadow followed him everywhere...gunning the Boer, opposing the Boer, crippling the Boer, demoralizing the Boer. He is the cancer of the Boer- and the one germ that can kill the Boer.

Whether they are defending the money powers, their own selfish gains - or bleating for the Antichrist, Afrikaner liberals are always against the Boer. They are either traitors or idiots, and on the matter of the Boer's self-preservation, the difference is irrelevant. It is important for the Boer Nation to make distinctions between those on the Liberal Afrikaner who were (and are) traitors or self-conceived enemies of the Boers- and those who were (and are) the fellow-travelers of enemies of the Boer Nation - and those who are neither traitors, nor enemies, nor friends and protectors of enemies, but are true Boer patriots who disagree with fellow-Boers over tactical and policy issues.

What does the Good Book tell us about these ungodly beings: “For men shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy, / Without natural affection, truce breakers, false accusers, incontinent, fierce, despisers of those that are good, / Traitors, heady, high minded, lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God; / Having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof: from such turn away.”

Does the Word not describe a Liberal perfectly? Out-of this unholy conglomeration of Liberal Cesspool- the Afrikaner was born...a mixture between Liberal vipers- and Boer descendency. In the Boers gene pool- there seem to be a bad DNA strand- a very bad that ultimately- would lead to Liberal Afrikaner offspring- and the second Boer genocide in this nation's we experience to-day.
A Liberal Afrikaner- to sum up- is a white Boer descendant- who's skin is too Boer look-alike to be a full liberal- and who's ideologies are too liberal like to be a true Boer. Thus the Afrikaner is a bastard child- an orphan without a true identity and a true background- a bit of everything. This explains his character – and the reason why most of these convisticles turn traitor. This also explains why these creatures can so easily adapt in a new environment- they have no fixed history, no real clan they belong to- no moral values- and no specific future. They are the loose cannons of society. They live in both worlds- and can easily switch identity like a perfect Jekyll and Hyde.
The Infestation and adaption of nations by these Gremlins are so effective- they-today- forms the majority of Western Society. They are so dangerous- they even infested the dark nations- as deep as Africa itself. They have the ability to spawn their evil tentacles into the minds and hearts of any nation they invade- and in no time- the majority of that nation also consists of liberals. The nations infested become mindless, no direction, no individual decision capabilities- and are easily mind-controlled by the Liberal puppet masters. The Boer call these puppets “Rabbits”- i.o.w a bunch of animals that cannot distinct between right or wrong, cannot function as individuals, are easily manipulated by mass hysteria- and will follow any gullible lie. The New World Order- cradle of the Liberal cesspool dwellers- commonly refer to these controllable humanoids as “Goya”- I.o.w- “Human Trash” or plainly- “Cannon Fodder for a bigger picture.”

The Afrikaner- thus is the Boer nation's “Goya”- rejects that are no-more welcome inside the inner-domain of the Boer Nation's pureness and ethnic decendency. Because of it's weak character- entwined in the jealousy and hate against the true Boer descendants- the Afrikaner
will- as long as he breathe and live- follow the Boer. He is like Satan- forever attacking the Boer's children in order to try to force them to abandon their christian values, their morals, their heritage, history-and their self control to withstand the evil axis of this land . The Afrikaner again changed their face- again playing their role as a split personality- a Jekyll and Hyde form changer character appearing as a Boer- the other transforming to sleep with the communist devil. A good example was will be the 2010 soccer fiasco- where thousands of these Afrikaner “Goyo” merrily participated in heathen customs and games, visiting their altars, waving their banners- and blowing their horns. You see them joining the heathen, appearing on the same stage as the devil, sitting in his throne chamber- and running his church.

To give us an insight of the true “Afrikaner”- let us have a peek into the deep dubious mind of such a “Afrikaner”- Koos Kombuis. Let us see how he pinned his ideologies on paper about the Boers. Please note how this pathetic orphan adapts to a full New South-African puppet- turning against his own skin color, playing the double agent - adapting, mind controlled, attacking the Boers - all for survival:

Here’s the thing. We live in a society that is obsessed with quick fixes, shortcuts and mass-produced miracles. When we are overweight, we spend a fortune on unproven potions. Instead of going to the gym, we’d rather buy a machine that vibrates our stomach while we watch TV.

That is the curse of being a white South African! Not having to build our own shacks like the blacks, never getting out in the fresh country air to do some honest-to-God manual labour, we are cut off from our natural roots! Even our toilets have walls around them! We are spoilt, overweight, and cynical! And, of course, it’s all the fault of the ANC government. Why, after all these years in power, have they still not managed to redistribute the wealth of this country equally?

In the minds of white people, everything can be ascribed a value as long as it comes with a price tag. Even spiritual experiences have been packaged into commercial commodities! Only last week, I read a book that describes how to meet God by doing certain breathing exercises for 10 minutes a day. Imagine that! And an alarmingly large percentage of my friends believe that if they ask the Universe for something, the Universe will give it to them.

Not right away, of course, but in about two weeks’ time (that might seem long, but it’s still faster than the Post Office)!

I have recently discovered a quick-fix scheme of my own. (Yes, I’m finally getting to the really meaningful part of the experiment.) At this point I should issue a stern warning: the rest of this blog entry is FOR WHITES ONLY (terrible sorry, Sipho).

This is my quick fix: I have discovered how to make black people disappear!

No! It’s not a gimmick! I have tried it myself, and all black people have disappeared! Not right away, but gradually, over a period of weeks.

It works like this: by simply following my instructions — it won’t take you more than a few minutes every day — you will, within less than a month, see no black people whatsoever! They simply won’t be around! It will be like living in another country, but of course without the hassle of emigrating or getting on a plane. Yes, it’s that simple! Without physically applying for resident status in Canada or Australia, you will find yourself a proud member of a brand-new community, a country of hope and optimism. A country without black people!

The solution is very simple indeed. If you want to get rid of black people — if you really, truly, emphatically desire with all your heart to make ALL BLACK PEOPLE DISAPPEAR INTO THIN AIR — I suggest you follow this simple three-phase plan.

The first part of the plan is very easy, and involves no extra time whatsoever. On the contrary, you will have more time on your hands than ever before.

PHASE ONE: INFORMATION DETOX. STOP READING ALL NEWSPAPERS. (Don’t even read unbiased papers, like the Mail & Guardian.) Don’t read ANY papers, don’t listen to any news on TV, don’t glance at the daily headlines on your BlackBerry. No social media either! No Facebook for at least two weeks (that sounds hard, but, in actual fact, as I discovered when I started my own therapy, hardly anyone noticed when I failed to enter new status updates on Twitter for an entire month).

PHASE TWO (this phase is a bit more difficult, and you will need to keep at it for a bit longer): FACE THE THING YOU FEAR. ONLY EXPOSE YOURSELF TO BLACK MEDIA and avoid all “white newspapers”!

The term “white newspapers” may be a bit confusing, since many so-called white newspapers these days have black editors and a few black journalists. In the same way, the term “black newspapers” may be slightly misleading, since some so-called “black publications” are owned by predominantly white consortiums.

But let’s not complicate things unnecessarily! What I really mean is, stop reading papers traditionally known as “white”.
Take a break from Zapiro. Ignore the Sunday Times, Beeld, the Citizen, and all that stuff. Buy the Sowetan. Read Voice and Die Son. These papers are thin, so it won’t take too much of your time. You will still have much more leisurely periods than before, especially on Sundays. You will have time to walk the dog, play with your kids, watch some porn DVD’s. THIS IS THE SECOND STEP TOWARDS HEALING.

At first, this will make you uncomfortable, and you won’t notice the small changes in your perception. The more you carry on with these new daily habits, however, the less black people you will see around.

There will still be people all around you, but they won’t be black. Neither will they be white. They will just be people.
Once this process is set in motion, you are ready for PHASE THREE, which involves a few simple BREATHING EXERCISES.

You are now ready for Zapiro again. You are ready to go back to reading “white newspapers”, but you must do this slowly, one step at a time. Before opening the Huisgenoot, breathe in deeply, and hold your breath for at least 10 seconds. This will lessen the trauma of discovering that Andries Bekker had been unfaithful to his wife, or that someone is making a full-length pornographic film about Joost and Amore.

The first time you open a “white paper” again, and realise what absolute crap white people spend their time ruminating about, you will want to go back to PHASE TWO right away.

If you feel this way, don’t fight it. Your therapy is now complete! You are in another country, a country where race is no longer an issue, and where EVERYBODY is a victim of crime and corruption, not just rich whites. You are free!

But how does it work? How can such a simple Three-Phase Therapy achieve so much in such a short time? And is it guaranteed to succeed?

Of course! You see, the moment you stop reading so-called “white newspapers”, you stop reading about the non-delivery of service as a strange new phenomenon.

Black papers are free of those odd little chunks of cultural prejudice we are bombarded with in white media. Black papers have no blonde jokes, for instance. Neither do black papers take silly things for granted, such as that it is normal to hate your mother-in-law.

Who needs meaningless generalisations like that anyway?

Black papers have no statistical obsession about crime, either. To black people, crime, after all, isn’t something new, it’s something they have always had to deal with, so it’s not as if there’s more of it nowadays than before. Of course they are aware of individual crimes, and, like us, suffer very deeply because of those, but it’s got nothing to do with black or white.

“Farm killings”, for instance, is not a separate issue. Crime is crime. Killing is killing. You see? There’s no colour involved. “Poof”! People of race disappear. Isn’t that amazing?

When you read only black papers, other perceptions also change. You are still aware of corruption in government circles – is there any government anywhere in the world without its share of corruption? — yet the facts of corruption won’t hysterically scream at you the way they used to. And, along with the usual reports of corruption and in-fighting among the fat cats, you will start noticing good things happening here and there.

You will realize that not all politicians are crooked, that some policemen actually catch criminals, and that, in spite of reports of bankrupt municipalities and lack of service delivery, many pot-holes actually get fixed. You will open your tap at home and you will realize that, in spite of everything you have heard and read about, your own tap water is actually miraculously drinkable.

Why is this so? What mysterious process is at work here? Let’s take a closer look at that photograph of my mother-in-law, and I will explain how it works. What is she holding in her hand? A glass of rosé wine? No, the other hand.

Yes, that one! Is it some kind of small farm animal? No! It’s not a dead rat, either! Neither is it a pet squirrel! It’s a CRAYFISH! You see, in this picture, my mother-in-law is in a festive mode because she is about to eat that crayfish.

Wouldn’t you be in a festive mood if you were about to eat a crayfish?

In some countries, crayfish are referred to as “lobsters”. Now, if you are a South African and you try to pronounce a word like “lobster”, you will be prone to slips of the tongue. The word “lobster” will probably come out as “mobster”.

This is not only because of the technical difficulty of pronouncing a strange word such as “lobster”, but because, in South Africa, we are generally more familiar with “mobsters” than with “lobsters”. What a paranoid bunch of people we are!

Yet the actual difference between a festive approach to life (let’s call it “lobsterism”) and a paranoid, hostile approach to life (let’s call it “mobsterism”) only hinges on the pronounciation, or mispronounciation, of a single letter of the aphabet! It’s all a matter of dialectical perspective!

What will the future South Africa be like? A hedonistic tourist retreat (as Johannes Kerkorrel envisaged with his famous Eet Kreef album), or a gansters’ paradise? Perhaps the choice is ours!

Anyway, what I’m trying to say is this: the best part of PHASE TWO is that, if you only read black papers, whenever you read about real corruption, you will no longer see it in a purely “African” context. You will never read any opinionated columns by white intelligentsia in which they try, ever so subtly (or not ever so subtly) to equate all politIcal or economic incompetence to black empowerment, or seem to suggest, in whatever veiled way, that the reason some blacks don’t do their jobs is simply because they are black, and for no other reason.

You will start wondering — rightly so — whether, perhaps, the so-called white papers have not wildly exaggerated some of these reports.

Why are the bad things always blown up out of all proportion? Is Africa really in such a mess, and if it is, whose fault is it?

Who drew up those hopelessly unpractical borders, indiscriminately lumping hostile tribes together?

Probably the same imbecile who decided that the Flemish and French should share Belgium!

Do African countries have massive oil spills? Do they put Red Indians in reservations?

Do they have right-wing skinheads and soccer hooligans running amok? Sure, they have problems, serious problems like civil war and poverty, but problems like these are not just restricted to Africa! You get that kind of kak EVERYWHERE!

Here’s another example. When the taxi drivers went on strike, it was big news in the white press. When the taxi drivers started co-operating and reached a deal with the government, it was big news in The Sowetan, and virtually ignored by the white papers (or delegated to a tiny blurb at the bottom of page six).

I have come to believe that to some extent all of us whiteys have been the victims of a complot. We had not seen things as they really are, we had been seeing things through the tinted lenses of post-colonial prejudice! We have indeed (to quote somebody whose name I am trying to forget) tended to reduce blacks to “objects of ridicule or pity”. We are always busy either criticising them or patronising them.

Even Madiba has been reduced to a fetish. How many white people have actually read the man’s life story?

Before I found this quick fix, I was a prisoner of my own abstractions.

I lived in a country resembling a chessboard; a chessboard populated by black and white pawns staring at one another across the divide with barely concealed hostility.

Reading white papers made me feel like someone on the edge of a yawning precipice, someone about to lose everything I hold dear, someone about to be evicted from my own country.

Reading black papers made me become aware that I am living a country of the future, a country slowly becoming aware if itself, a place, sometimes of despair, sometimes of hope, but nevertheless a place of gradual and inevitable growth.
For the first time in years, I feel myself to be part of a vibrant, rapidly changing community, a real place instead of some ideological construct, a place peopled by millions of real fellow South Africans.

To all my fellow whites I say: Join me here! Forget about Joost and Amore for a while! All you have to do is follow the three easy steps of my quick-fix plan!

Before you can say “molo wethu”, you will have taken the first step towards the mental leap into this exciting new country! “

This is the mind of an Afrikaner- Orphan Liberal- and the Boer's “Goyo.” In the mean-time...the Boer agin- is struggling for his survival- again facing unbelievable odds- again facing the Communist onslaught, the Liberal infestation, the black powers....and again...his “Goyo.”The battle between white pureness of a nation- and the dark potpourri of a Rainbow mixture will be the decisive battle to determine whether there- after the dust has settle down- will be a “Boer Nation “ again to start a new life in a new land...or will the forces of darkness finally overcome the battle-weary Boers- and force them into the cauldron of Satan- to become like the rest... “A Nation.”
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