POLICE management has failed to discipline the detectives who allegedly bungled one of Nelson Mandela Bay’s most shocking cases, instead rapping them over the knuckles and sending them on a crime scene management refresher course.
In March 2007, Julia Deliwe, 60, and five little girls were found murdered inside her Zwide house.
The girls were drowned and their bodies stacked in the bathtub and Deliwe was found dead on her bed. It is believed she was strangled, struck with a sharp object on the head and then raped.
Twins Lathitha and Kwathitha Makuwa, aged 3, and their sister Esethu, 7, were Deliwe’s grandchildren. The two other girls, Fezeka Kepeyi, 7, and Simamkele Dlokolo, 4, were neighbours.
Allegations of a large-scale police botch-up due to shoddy detective work surfaced in April after an investigation by The Herald exposed the case as being destined to remain unsolved.
Provincial police spokesman Marinda Mills, who at the time denied all claims, said yesterday that an internal investigation had been done, but no action had been taken against the members involved with the case.